The Hot Dog Has a Long and Proud History in Canada

The hot dog has a long and proud history in Canada. Many people think of having a hot dog on those summer days at a stadium during a game, roasting on at a BBQ, or even boiling one up on a cold, winter night, but rarely do people stop and think about where this handy food staple actually came from and what it really means to them.

This tasty snack is actually an immigrant itself to Canada and all of North America, for that matter. The original hot dog came to be when a man named Feltman immigrated to the United States in 1865 and ran a push-cart business on Coney Island. He started out selling cold clams to beach visitors in addition to delivering pies to vendors. Complaints of the need for hot food soon resulted in this intrepid man creating the first hot dog cart which originally sold European sausages served on steam-heated bread.

That hot idea became the basis for the modern day hot dog, which eventually made its way to Canada and is now renowned across Toronto for being a great, hot meal on the go. So, why do people of that city love the hot dog so much? It’s not popular elsewhere in the world, but in North America, it’s on every shelf and on just about every corner in Toronto!

The truth is that the love of the hot dog starts from childhood for the average Torontonian. Just about everyone has a fond memory of biting into that first hotdog when they’re young and savouring that first bite of meat, with just a hint of ketchup and mustard. Not only that, but those flavours are often combined with the memory of hockey games, Super bowls, parties, and barbeques which means that the hot dog, like the ones made by Soloway’s, has become part of everyone’s experience of Toronto and the rest of Canada.

To some, a hot dog is just a piece of “mystery meat”, but to many more, a hot dog is good taste, good times, and gives them that warm feeling in the heart that they associate with one of the most common food staples in Canada.

Is Toronto the home of the hot dog? Probably not, but it is a great city that has welcomed the hot dog into its home and its heart. Indeed, many people across that metropolis can’t think of it without realizing that the hot dog is much a part of Toronto as they are!

About Soloway’s Hot Dog Factory

Soloway’s Hot Dog Factory got its start in 1927. This business originally began with the intent of providing Canadians with different varieties of premium meat products but eventually found the need to expand into the foodservice industry over twenty years ago. It’s dedication to its roots has allowed Soloway’s to provide premium food products to stores and wholesalers across the province of Ontario. They are based in Toronto.

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