Hip Replacement Market by Products, Regions, Fixation, Companies, Global Analysis

Hip Replacement Market by Products, Regions, Fixation, Companies, Global Analysis

“Global Hip Replacement Market is expected to reach nearly 7 Billion by the end of the year 2025”
Hip Replacement Market by Products (Total Hip Replacement, Partial Hip Replacement, Revision Hip Replacement and Hip Resurfacing), Regions (North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, South America, & Middle East/Africa), Fixation (Cemented, Cementless & Hybrid) Companies (Zimmer Biomet Holding Inc., Stryker Corporation, Smith & Nephew, Johnson & Johnson) Global Analysis

Currently, Hip replacement is done via minimally invasive surgery or procedure instead of a conventional procedure. Rising adoption of minimally invasive procedure across the world will further boost the Hip replacement market. In Hip replacement surgery, hip joint replaces with a prosthetic hip joint which is made up of either plastic or metal. It is done at the final stage if other treatment procedure failed to relieve pain. According to Renub Research Global Hip Replacement Market is expected to reach nearly 7 Billion by the end of the year 2025.


The primary reason that is fueling the growth of Hip Replacement Market is rising prevalence of ageing population, growing prevalence of osteoarthritis disease, growing per capita health expenditure, increasing overall patient population, hip related product is getting faster approval, government initiatives and increase in overall government healthcare expenditure etc. Additionally, rising injuries, trauma cases and advancement in the minimally invasive procedure, it will further propel the market of Hip replacement.



Rising Geriatric Population Boosting Demand of Hip Replacement Market

According to the United Nation, the geriatric population is rising dramatically, in 2017; the population over 60 yearsof age was 960 Million. It is anticipated that the global elder population will surge to 1.4 Billion by the end of the year 2030. Along with the rising ageing population, many developed, as well as developing countries, focuses on ageing healthcare. According to our analysis, the ageing population is highly prone to Hip and joint abnormalities. Therefore, in the coming future ageing population will drive the Hip replacement market to a great extent. 


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Market Insight by Segment 

In this report, the market of Hip replacement is fragmented into four parts; Total Hip Replacement, Partial Hip Replacement, Revision Hip Replacement and Hip Resurfacing. In this report, we have done a comprehensive analysis of various procedure and core factors that will boost the Hip replacement market. Hip replacement is a minimally invasive surgical procedure in which painful Hip joints replace with an artificial one to ensure the joint would work smoothly. Sometimes, Hip could be replaced if other treatment options are failed. Hip could be fully or partially replaced based on the condition of the patient and could be revision after a specific interval of time.


Market Insight by Fixation

In this report, we have done complete insight into the market by fixation. The Hip replacement fixation market is categorized into three parts. 

  • The first one has cemented fixation in which Hip replacement is done via cemented components. 
  • The second segment is cement-less in which other component is used to fix Hip. 
  • The third and most important segment is hybrid in which cement and other components are used to fix Hip. 

According to Renub Research Analysis, the Hybrid segment would be one of the most significant and dominating among Hip replacement market by fixation.


Market Insight by Region

In this report, we have categorized the Hip replacement market into five regional fronts; North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, South America and Middle East & Africa. In this report, we have done a complete assessment to identify the regional trend and provide a full market outlook and explain the most significant factors that impact the regional market of Hip replacement.


By Companies 

Zimmer Biomet Holding Inc., Stryker Corporation, Smith & Nephew, Johnson & Johnson (Depuy Synthes), and are some of the top companies operating in the global hip replacement market; which has been studied thoroughly in the report.

All the 4 Companies Studied in the Report have been Studied from 4 Points 

      •    Company Overview    
      •    Business Strategy    
      •    Merger/Acquisitions
      •    Financial Insight 


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Hip Segments Covered in the Report:

      •    Total Hip Replacement
      •    Partial Hip Replacement
      •    Revision Hip Replacement
      •    Hip Resurfacing

Regional Market Covered in the Report:

      •    North America
      •    Europe
      •    Asia-Pacific
      •    South America
      •    Middle East/Africa



Key Companies Covered in the Report:

      •    Zimmer Biomet Holding Inc.
      •    Stryker Corporation.
      •    Smith & Nephew
      •    Johnson & Johnson

Key Companies Covered in the Report:

      •    Zimmer Biomet Holding Inc.
      •    Stryker Corporation.
      •    Smith & Nephew
      •    Johnson & Johnson


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Key Topics Covered:


1. Introduction
2. Research & Methodology
3. Executive Summary
4. Global Hip Replacement Market
5. Market Share – Global Hip Replacement

      5.1 By Product – Global Hip Replacement
      5.2 By Region – Global Hip Replacement
      5.3 By Fixation – Cemented, Cementless, Hybrid

6. Market Share – By Region (North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, South America, Middle East/Africa)

      6.1 Total Hip Replacement
      6.2 Partial HIP Replacement
      6.3 Revision HIP Replacement
      6.4 HIP Resurfacing

7. Market Share – Key Players

8. Product – Global Hip Replacement Market

      8.1 Total HIP Replacement
      8.2 Partial HIP Replacement
      8.3 Revision HIP Replacement
      8.4 HIP Resurfacing

9. Region – Hip Replacement Market

      9.1 North America
      9.2 Europe
      9.3 Asia-Pacific
      9.4 South America
      9.5 Middle East/Africa

10. Fixation – Global Hip Replacement Market

      10.1 Cemented
      10.2 Cementless
      10.3 Hybrid – Hip Replacement Market

11. Zimmer Biomet Holdings Inc. – Company Analysis

      11.1 Overview
      11.2 Marketing Strategy
      11.3 Merger & Acquisitions
      11.4 Financial Insights 

12. Stryker Corporation – Company Analysis

      12.1 Overview
      12.2 Marketing Strategy
      12.3 Merger & Acquisitions
      12.4 Financial Insights

13. Smith & Nephew PLC – Company Analysis

      13.1 Overview
      13.2 Strategy
      13.3 Merger & Acquisitions
      13.4 Financial Insights

14. Johnson & Johnson – Company Analysis

      14.1 Overview
      14.2 Strategy
      14.3 Merger & Acquisitions
      14.4 Financial Insights
      14.5 Others

15. Growth Factors

      15.1 Rising Pool of Hip Fractures
      15.2 Government Reimbursement Plans
      15.3 Rising Geriatric Population
      15.4 Hip Osteoarthritis

16. Challenges

      16.1 Risk of Complications after Surgery
      16.2 Increasing Average Cost of Hip Implant


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