Jumping into the Mind of the Searcher, NotarizeThis.info Makes Finding a Notary Fast and Easy

NORWALK, CT – March 9, 2015 – NotarizeThis.info, a new website launching today offers a radical departure from bloated and complicated websites, benefiting both searchers and notaries alike. Notaries get a robust listing for free.

Connecticut marketing consultant Mary Pugh has spent 31 years building better mousetraps for Fortune 500 clients. As a licensed Notary Public, her latest project is on a slightly smaller scale and closer to home. “Good marketing begins with identifying the needs and wants of consumers,” says Pugh, adding, “Notary search sites haven’t done their homework, leaving both notaries and the people who need their services in a lurch.”

She points out the many calls she’s received over the last 10 years from title companies and attorney offices searching for notaries outside her marketing area. Helping these searchers find notaries soon became a time consuming, frustrating task.

The websites offering a notary search feature seem to have been created with the needs of notaries in mind, forcing searchers to wade through a considerable amount of irrelevant information. As Pugh states, “they’re not searcher friendly.” Search results often come up short too, with precious few notaries to choose from and little more than a name and phone number with which to compare them.

Knowing there was a better way, Pugh sketched out her vision, then let her creative team run with it. The result is NotarizeThis.info, which promises a long list of benefits to both searchers and notaries. Searchers will now be able to find notaries right from the home page and with just one click. Search results are ordered by proximity, and are displayed both on an area map and in a sidebar listing. Every listing, whether free or paid, links to a detailed notary profile featuring over 40 bits of useful information. Those searching for loan closers will be able to filter search results by certified, loan signer and/or attorney.

Where Pugh’s homework really pays off for searchers is in the sheer number of notary listings on her website. While many of the notary sites that have been around for years list around 6,000 notaries, NotarizeThis.info has debuted with over 45,000 notary listings. And for Pugh and her team, that’s just the beginning.

Notaries benefit too, starting with higher search volume, and more opportunities to be seen, a natural result of building a searcher-friendly website. And even casual notaries are afforded the benefits of a detailed profile, at no charge.

Bucking the industry trend of charging annual fees approaching $100 a year, notaries can move to a NotarizeThis.info “Professional Listing” for only $10 a year and enjoy greater recognition through a larger marketing area. Professional Listings also appear before Free Listings in search results.

“I wanted a website that offers a faster, easier way to find notaries,” says Pugh. “That’s exactly what I got and early testing shows searchers and notaries are very pleased with the results.”

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