Star Alex: The Petite Model Transforming The Industry For Good

Star Alex: The Petite Model Transforming The Industry For Good

Star Alex is a model that stands out amongst the others. Not only is she five foot five inches (considered “petite” in the industry), but she also remains unsigned after having been modeling since 2008. “I’ve had a ton of meetings with agencies I could have been interested in, but none of them could accept the fact that I wanted to continue my education past college, and into law school. My education is my choice, and if that means I have to find all success in the modeling industry alone, so be it.” We appreciate a motivated fashion model that doesn’t allow the industry to stomp on her additional hopes and dreams. 

Just after she first became modeling, Star modeling work was spotted in New York Magazine, Girl’s Life Magazine, Amazon, Sears, Walmart, and on billboards across the US. However, what’s best about fashion model Star Alex, is all of the qualities that set her apart from a typical fashion model from NY. Star’s main intention on her platforms of social media, is to help make a difference. “It doesn’t matter if you’re answering a DM to give someone advice, or making a story post addressing a societal issue, any small step you make can have a big impact on someone.” Star Alex argues that making a difference is the most important thing you should be doing with your platform. 

Aside from making waves in the modeling industry by being the most successful independent and petite model yet; Star has been writing a science fiction novel, and preparing for her future in criminal law. Star hopes to use her platform to make a real difference in this world; starting with how accepting the modeling industry is of different beauty standards, and ending with speaking out about everyday issues like body image, confidence, relationships and more. More models should take a page out of Star’s book, by deciding to be role models as well. 

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