Feisou announced that it will continue its mission of nourishing human hair with natural plant essential oils.

Whats plant essential oil? Not all plants can be used to produce essential oils, only aromatic herbs with balsamic glands can.The distribution of balsamic glands varies from plant to plant, from petals and leaves to roots and trunks, where the essential oils are extracted. Essential oil is lipophilic and easy to dissolve in oil. Small molecules of essential oil are easy to penetrate into the skin.

Essential oil with natural energy is too special to be replaced. For example, tea tree leaf oil has a good effect on sterilization, but if its components are separated one by one and then recombined chemically, the original effect will not be achieved. Not only does plant essential oil smooth damaged hair, but also helps repair it, which is the reason some manufacturers add it to their products. Though it is relatively more expensive, it cares hair in a natural way, which really makes a difference.

feisou shampoos concentrate multiple plant essential oils, which can help people solve many hair problems such as dandruff, thin hair, oily hair and unruly hair.

The following two are very popular with consumers.

SCALP DEEP CLEANSING shampoo contains citrus limon essential oil and grapefruit peel oil to bring people a natural and refreshing feeling, the former helps deeply clean hair in a mild way, the latter promotes the secretion of hyaluronic acid and hydrates hair. In addition, nicotinamid, hydrolyzed keratin, trehalose and other precious ingredients have also been added to this shampoo to care your hair in a superior way.

HAIR ROOT STRENGTHENING shampoo, containing essential oils such as ginger root oil, melaleuca alternifolia leaf oil and macadamia ternifolia seed oil that help promote hair growth and the blood circulation in the scalp and prevent hair thinning and hair loss, moisturizing and nourishing hair as well as strengthening hair roots.

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