Feisou released new data on shampoo and its foaming effect is only a reference value

People often have the illusion that when they wash their hair, the shampoo foam will clean the dirt, so they feel a sense of satisfaction every time they see the rich foam on their hair. Some people even evaluate a shampoos cleaning power by how well it foams. But is that really the case?

Some experts point out that the efficacy of a shampoo lays not so much with the foam it produces. Many manufacturers manage to make their shampoos foam well out of humanization consideration, which is to make people feel pleasant when they wash their hair.

Some shampoos contain special foaming agents, while all shampoos rely on surfactants to foam. Surfactants play a foaming and cleansing role in the hair washing process. Its molecular structure is amphiphilic: one end is hydrophilic group, the other end is lipophilic group. The grease in hair cannot be cleaned by water alone. The oleophilic end of surfactant binds to grease and the hydrophilic end is well dispersed in water. Only in this way can the greasy dirt on hair be cleaned.

There are many kinds of surfactants, and not all of them foam well, absolutely. Some surfactants are alkaline with a strong cleaning power, which may wash off the necessary oil and destroy the ecological environment of the scalp, causing other scalp and hair problems such as scalp itching, excessive secretion of oil and even scalp allergy.

Amino acid surfactants has a good efficacy in cleaning, though foaming less than other surfactants, it is mild enough to the scalp. Actually, it is not so easy to find shampoos whose main cleaning ingredients are amino acid surfactants, feisou shampoo adopts which as its main cleansing ingredients. With the pH value of 5.5 that is similar to human skin’s, the shampoo is weakly acidic, and it can clean hair without stimulating the scalp. feisou has launched four types of shampoo for people with hair and scalp problems such as hair loss, dandruff, scalp itching, dry and unruly hair and oily hair.

Being mild in nature, feisou products are even suitable for people with sensitive scalps.

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