Feisou announced its new hair loss solution

Peoples scalps usually become flaky when they are 10 to 20 years old. For young people, having dandruff will definitely affect their image, whether they are going to work, going on a date, or going for afternoon tea. To get rid of embarrassing dandruff, people have to find out what causes it.

The following are the top three causes of dandruff.

First, eating too much greasy food and not exercising regularly, which weakens gastrointestinal function to decompose grease, thus the scalp secretes too much oil that is not easy to clean.

Second, the proliferation of malassezia a type of fungus commonly known as Pityrosporum ovalecauses keratoplasia, and the cuticles will abnormally fall off in the form of white scales.

Third, scalp cells become dysfunctional. Just like human skin, scalp cells also undergo a metabolic process.

People should pay more attention to the three problems, which will lead to dandruff  and even hair loss. So how do people cure dandruff and prevent it from developing? A good anti-dandruff shampoo is the key.

With main efficacy of curing dandruff and refreshing the scalp, feisou REFRESHING  ANTI-DANDRUFF amino acid shampoo is silicone-free and has four characteristics.

Being mild in nature

The amino acid surfactants extracted from natural coconut oil in feisou shampoo can clean hair in a mild way. Being not irritant to the scalp at all, feisou shampoo is even suitable for children and people with allergic scalps.

Refreshing the scalp

Containing natural herbal extracts of peppermint, this shampoo sterilizes scalp and soothes it, curing dandruff and leaving people  feeling refreshing.

Moisturizing hair

Organic essence of peppermint, rosmarinus officinalis oil, wheat germ oil and trehalose in this shampoo supplement nutrients to hair and moisturize it, fully nourishing the dry hair, smoothing it and keeping it moist and shiny.

Being environmentally friendly

feisou amino acid shampoo has good degradability, being easy to be rinsed off.

In addition to choosing a good shampoo, people should also develop some good daily living habits such as eating less fried, greasy or spicy food and more necessary basic food such as milk, vegetables, fruits and seaweed, and washing hair with warm water instead of the water with high temperature that will stimulate grease secretion of the scalp, or the cold water, which will constricts the scalp pores, thus the dirt on the scalp is hard to be cleaned.

Take good care of your scalp and you will get rid of dandruff gradually.

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