Apex Driving School Offers Driving Instruction for Both Manual and Automatic

Apex Driving School Offers Driving Instruction for Both Manual and Automatic

Surrey, UK – While most British drivers receive instruction for manual vehicles, instruction for automatic vehicles is rising in demand. At Apex Driving School, they are answering the call to this increased demand by offering both manual and automatic driving lessons in Sutton.

Of the average 720,000 driver tests taken in the UK each year, only an approximate 40,000 of those tests are taken as automatic. In part, this is because most driving schools only offer manual instruction.

Apex Driving School is seeking to change the industry. As noted on their website at http://www.apexdrivingschool.co.uk/, they offer the best automatic driving lessons in West and East Croydon. They made this shift after recognising that the industry has changed; automatic vehicles are becoming far more common, and drivers are frequently seeking instruction.

At their school Apex employs local instructors, who offer personalised lessons. As seen on their Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/Apexdriving/, many of the students who have successfully passed their tests are most excited and grateful for the help they received from dedicated instructors. The social media page also shows that the school rates a 5.0 out of 5.0 in user reviews.

This appreciation from students is not one-sided, either. On the school’s Twitter page https://twitter.com/DrivingApex/, they highlight the accomplishments of student drivers who have successfully passed their driving tests.

Apex is dedicated to offering their pupils the best driving instruction possible. This includes affordable rates and potential discounts with insurers. Their manual lessons start at £25 and their automatic lessons start at £26. They also offer discounts for block booking, with blocks of 5 or 10 block lessons saving money for their customers. These deals are popular for student drivers with minimal experience, and for families with multiple student drivers.

After their initial training is complete, Apex customers can receive additional benefits beyond their training to safely operate a vehicle. The school awards students who successfully pass the exams with a certificate, and they work with certain insurance providers to offer discounts.

With instruction for manual and automatic vehicles, personalised instruction, and affordable rates, Apex Driving School is making driver education more accessible. With service areas throughout the UK, they are preparing the next generation of drivers to safely and responsibly take to the roads.

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