Join Qassim Abdulkarim to uphold the great city of Babylon as it is being listed among the United Nations’ list of World Heritage sites

Qassim Abdulkarim: “We hope that the government will fulfill its obligations towards UNESCO after the inclusion of Babylon on its list.”

It has been an incredible year so far for Qassim Abdulkarim a reputable Journalist, activist and Media Personality whose work ethics is redefining the belief of the Iraq people.

Marking by memorable experience Qassim Abdulkarim who happens to be a member ofthe Iraqi and Arab Journalists’ Syndicate, earlier said on Friday that the city would be included in the World Heritage List as a rehabilitation of the civilization of Babylon, hoping that the government would fulfill its obligations to UNESCO after listing Babylon.

The Babylon city at the moment is known to consist of villages and agricultural areas. In the ancient time the city is mainly known for its outer and inner-city walls, gates, palaces and temples. These attributes the ancient city possesses makes it one of the most visited places in the world. Over the years the Iraqis have been calling and clamoring for the inclusion of the Babylon city to be added amongst the list of World Heritage sites.

Now with Babylon to be included on the list of World Heritage sites on Friday one can literally say a cry have been heard. This was seen by massive jubilation around the entrance of Babylon as a lot of people showed up to get a picture including government officials.

In a recent press release statement Qassim Abdulkarim said that “There are many archaeological sites and cultural monuments in Iraq, which are listed on the list of world heritage, as in the province of Salah al-Din, for example, especially those hosted by the city of Samarra, but the government failed to meet the commitment of about (800 thousand euros) only to the UNESCO, to do its duty to care for and preserve the effects of Samarra”.

The reputable Journalist, activist and Media Personality Qassim Abdulkarim is calling on the government to please uphold the inclusion of Babylon among the list of World Heritage sites and wishes the repetition of not completing past projects is not repeated with the ancient city of Babylon.”

Qassim Abdulkarim

About Qassim Abdulkarim

Qassim Abdulkarim

Qassim Abdulkarim is known to be a reputable Journalist, Activist and Media Personality whose work ethics is redefining the belief of the Iraq people. Coupled with drive and passion he is unstoppable.

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