Sawgrass Cleaning Solutions takes innovative steps to avoid cross-contamination in the Workplace

Sawgrass Cleaning Solutions takes innovative steps to avoid cross-contamination in the Workplace

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Since inception, Sawgrass Cleaning Solutions has stood out as a local leader in South Florida, providing innovative, eco-friendly and effective cleaning solutions for businesses ranging from local mom and pop establishments to global corporations.

Over the years Sawgrass Cleaning Solutions has built a reputation on trust, transparency, and professional service that delivers on promises and exceeds expectations.

But one area where founder Joshua Burstein knew there was room for improvement in the industry was with regards to “cross-contamination” in the workplace. Outdated cleaning practices of other cleaning companies may be putting employees and organizations at risk of infection and illness by employing techniques that effectively move bacteria from contaminated areas to clean workspaces.

Cross-Contamination – a serious issue with some cleaning solutions

The commercial cleaning industry by large has remained stagnant over the last decade, with many providers using outdated tools of the trade that not only fail to adequately clean, but often result in cross-contamination.

Imagine bacteria from bathrooms being inadvertently spread to eating areas, countertops or office kitchens. And yet, this happens every single day at companies hiring cleaning providers that have not updated their practices.

Common Cross-Contamination Pitfalls

Office cleaning, janitorial service and cleaning services are all at risk of cross-contaminating the workplace with sometimes dangerous bacteria, allergens and more. Below are a few of the methods employed by other cleaning companies that are often the culprit, and how Sawgrass Cleaning Solutions ( does the job better.

Standard Mop and Bucket

This archaic cleaning tool has been around forever, but not much as improved over the years. Bucket mops are notorious for spreading bacteria and often do little more than reapply already dirty water to other areas of the floor and building.

Sawgrass Cleaning Solutions, on the other hand, utilizes a bucketless flat mop that only disperses clean solution when in contact with the floor, as well as retains more dirt and grime.

Upright Vacuum

Upright vacuums are a common standard at many cleaning services, but not at Sawgrass Cleaning Solutions. Upright vacuums circulate dust and allergens, while simultaneously doing a poor job at removing debris and dirt. Not to mention they are highly ineffective at reaching difficult areas.

Sawgrass Cleaning Solutions instead utilizes a HEPA backpack vacuum that removes up to 99% of dust and allergens while improving air quality.

Dirty Rags and Towels

Most cleaning companies use the same dirty rags that are employed in the bathroom in other areas of the establishment, spreading germs unnecessarily.

Sawgrass Cleaning Solutions employs color coded microfiber rags each assigned to specific areas of the building or facility to prevent this.

Unlabeled Chemicals

Many cleaning companies skimp on product, using wholesale, bulk, unlabeled miscellaneous or general cleaning solutions that are both ineffective as well as potentially dangerous to humans and the environment.

At Sawgrass Cleaning Solutions they employ eco-friendly, hospital-grade cleaning solutions that are highly effective as well as safe for humans.

Taking On New Clients in Broward and Palm Beach County

Those businesses interested in state of the art cleaning that is eco-friendly, effective, efficient and affordable are encouraged to reach out via their official website for a free quote, or by way of the media contact information below.

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