2019 Presidential Taffifs Don’t Affect Promotional Product Prices At Studio D Merchandise

2019 Presidential Taffifs Don’t Affect Promotional Product Prices At Studio D Merchandise

Los Angeles, California – July 18, 2019 – Studio D Merchandise (https://www.StudioDMerchandise.com) is always hard at work providing their customers with the lowest cost promotional products. Recently introduced Presidential tariffs have caused prices to rise on items that never before were taxed this way.

Chinese factories make these products for export all over the world, making that country the world’s workshop. Because of the enormous scale of manufacture and the relatively cheap labor costs, the world has become accustomed to the low prices. These huge factory cities are mostly financed and subsidized by the Chinese government. They have the finest modern machinery and a well-paid labor force. The management is Communist Party loyalists, naturally motivated to squeeze maximum profit from the factors of production.

Production costs are kept low because wages are low in China and many items for export are very. For decades, the entire world has benefitted. The new Presidential tariffs were introduced to encourage more manufacturing in the United States. Los Angeles promotional products distributor Studio D Merchandise has been one step ahead of these price rises by customizing products here in America. 

The techniques for customizing logos onto promotional products is pretty low tech and requires skill and certain artistry. A computer file of the logo is carefully rendered into a silkscreen – basically a stencil. If the logo is more than one color, a silk screen for each color needs to be made.

The blank product is securely held on a flat service which looks like a standard ironing board. The colored paint for the logo is made by hand and matched by eye to the customer’s request. The screen is held flat to the item and paint is pressed onto with a squeegee.

This process is done the same anywhere in the world, except when done in the United States, there is no tariff added to the price. That’s why prices for customized promotional items made in the US are not increasing.

Some individuals have noticed the decades-old trend of seeing Presidents, Senators and other politicians wearing a small American Flag lapel pin. These pins are made in Rhode Island USA in a factory over a hundred years old.

These American Made, Presidential grade pins are now available from Studio D Merchandise. Each is stamped Made in the USA on the back of the pin. At Studio D Merchandise customers will find a huge variety of made in the USA promotional products.

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Studio D Merchandise is a national supplier of custom made promotional products. Matching a product to the customer’s unique need, especially if they don’t know that the product exists can take a lot of work. The staff at Studio D Merchandise uses their encyclopedic knowledge of custom merchandise to guide their customers to the most relevant and effective choices. Those interested are encouraged to come by their showroom in Los Angeles.

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