Creative Biolabs Upgrades Technologies in Oncolytic Virus Engineering to Facilitate Anti-tumor Researches

NEW YORK, USA, July 18, 2019—Creative Biolabs is a biotechnology company engaged in one-station oncolytic virotherapy development services which include oncolytic virus engineering, construction, animal testing, in vitro and in vivo validation, etc. Adhering to the philosophy of continuously achieving breakthroughs, the experienced scientists have recently upgraded the oncolytic virus engineering technologies to satisfy clients’ different needs in researches, preclinical study and drug development.


An oncolytic virus is a type of tumor-killing virus that is found not only to directly infect and kill tumor cells, but also to induce host anti-tumor immune system response. Moreover, the virus can express cytokine/chemokine and take on immune checkpoint inhibitors, which are of significance to cancer treatment.


Their important functions are the reasons why the company offers a series of upgraded oncolytic virus engineering services based on structures, and manipulations of the virus consisting of pathogenicity manipulation (attenuation), immunogenicity manipulation, construction of antibody-expressing, cytokine/chemokine-expressing and immune checkpoint inhibitor-expressing oncolytic virus.


In order to keep the original function of targeting tumor cells without infecting host cells, the viral genome needs to be altered to reduce the pathogenicity. In addition, oncolytic virotherapy has limitation because neutralization antibody induced during the process will inactivate the virus and reduce viral load, which will influence the therapy effect. As a professional service provider, the company found a way to solve this problem by pathogenicity manipulation (attenuation) methods and immunogenicity manipulation methods including modification of antibody secretion, cytokine/chemokine expression, as well as loading immune checkpoint inhibitors.


Antibody-expressing Oncolytic Virus

Though monoclonal antibody (mAb) therapy is a potent cancer treatment therapy, it has the risk of triggering systemic toxicity, thus limiting the level around the tumor. With the goal to solve this problem, the sophisticated scientists formed a strategy to transfer the mAb via oncolytic virus expressing ways instead of direct administration of the antibody protein. Currently, two categories of antibody have been applied, namely, tumor-targeting mAbs and immunomodulatory mAbs. At the same time, customized antibody-expressing oncolytic virus development services are available to enhance the clients’ projects.


Cytokine/Chemokine-expressing Oncolytic Virus

As a kind of small protein that plays an essential role in signaling transduction, cytokines can relocate immune cells to the local tumor environment, thereby mediating and regulating anti-tumor responses. It is obvious that cytokine/chemokine-expressing oncolytic virus can help with cancer treatment. Having built a cutting-edge oncolytic virus engineering platform, Creative Biolabs is able to offer customized cytokine/chemokine-expressing oncolytic virus development services which are reliable, standardized and helpful with the researches and medical development.


Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor-expressing Oncolytic Virus

With the quickly growing field of cancer immunotherapy, immune checkpoint therapy is another novel way currently under research, through which inhibitory checkpoints will be blocked, thus to resume immune system function to fight against cancer. The company well understands the current demands on this therapy and launched the customized immune checkpoint inhibitor-expressing oncolytic virus developing services to enhance the researches, preclinical studies and drug development.


Though the researches on cancer therapies are facing difficulties and challenges, Creative Biolabs is always dedicated to upgrading technologies and improving services with the development in the cancer research field.


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