Launch of Payment Porte: The New Wave of Digital Payment Solutions

Launch of Payment Porte: The New Wave of Digital Payment Solutions

Recently, a new fintech startup was launched in one of the world’s largest tech conferences, Rise in Hong Kong. “Payment Porte”, a Blockchain based start-up, focuses on taking on the outdated, lethargic and expensive cross border payment systems. The much-talked-about company at RISE’s, promised that with its launch the way people perceive the payment industry will change for the better.

Introducing Payment Porte

Payment Porte is a payment gateway with its own utility token called Porte Token. Payment Porte aims to target the $12 Trillion market of the Ocean Freight & Shipping industry by introducing a modern and smarter way to do business with the help of their virtual asset.

Payment Porteis a Stellar Blockchain network integrated platform that will allow you to have complete control over your tokens. You can send, receive, store, and trade Payment Porte tokens. It eliminates the need for traditional cross border payment transfer systems such as ACH transfer and SWIFT system bank to bank payments. These systems has a 7% or higher failure rate and are extremely time-consuming and expensive processes. Payment Porte is also looking forward to addressing the giant remittance market efficiently.

Payment Porte offers a fresh approach to the current traditional payment methods by offering lightning fast, scalable, secure, decentralized and distributed ledger technology offering solutions enabling customers to increase their business, profitability and efficiency. Payment Porte does not only reduces the cross border transaction fees from 8-10 % to 1-2 %, but it also makes it happen in minutes instead of days and weeks.

The RISE of Payment Porte

Rise Summit-2019 was held from July 8th to July 11th in Hong Kong where a massive 16000+ people from all over the world, were present at the launch event of Payment Porte. The attendees also include some major investors who found Payment Porte a very promising company. They also showed good interest in investing and this made the team more confident and determined.

Payment Porte have successfully pitched at the conference and garnered interest from leading import-export industry leaders and investors.

After seeing this extremely successful launch, the team is looking forward to gearing up for some other big conferences which include one of the much-awaited events, Cointime Summit-2019 in Vietnam. Following that, we are gearing up for the launch in other Asian countries such as Thailand, Korea and Japan. During next phase the team will be promoting the Payment Porte Company in the United States and some European countries by organizing major promotional events and roadshows.

Payment Porte is the solution for all large, medium and small scale industries to perform their trades and payment processing on a decentralized, distributed, transparent and safe platform. With a world class customer service, Payment Porte is ready to assist you in improved payment efficiency, withdrawals, legacy payment, digital assets management and multicurrency deposits. This will allow us to continue serving the industry in a better and smarter way.

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