Restaurant Insurance Broker List Benefits Of Assault & Battery Insurance

Restaurant Insurance Broker List Benefits Of Assault & Battery Insurance

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Los Angeles, California – July 19, 2019 – MFE Insurance, a restaurant insurance broker, recently released a blog detailing the benefits of assault and battery insurance for restaurants. This type of insurance is essential in helping protect your business in the event of a lawsuit related to the restaurant.

Assault and battery insurance covers instances in which a patron’s safety is threatened or in which they sustain an injury as a result of a physical confrontation while on the premises of your restaurant. Assault includes all verbal and physical acts that cause reasonable fear for someone’s safety, while battery is defined as the use of physical force or touch. If a patron of your restaurant feels they are the victim of assault or batter while on the premises, they may choose to sue your business. With assault and battery insurance, you’ll be able to pay legal fees, medical bills, and settlements associated with these claims.

While most people go to restaurants simply to have an enjoyable evening out, unfortunate events do happen. Someone may be involved in a fight after drinking too much and injure themselves or a bystander. They may also be the victim of a crime, such as a mugging, while in the parking lot. Assault can include verbal threats made by one patron to another, such as name-calling, leering, and humiliation, and any emotional trauma bystanders may sustain as a result. Sexual assault and harrassment also fall under assault and battery charges. Without the proper insurance, you will be entirely responsible for the payment of legal and medical fees that could have otherwise been paid by insurance. This could damage your finances and make it more difficult to maintain a balanced budget with which to continue operating the restaurant.

Speak to the restaurant insurance brokers at MFE Insurance for more information about assault and battery insurance and to obtain your own policy. MFE Insurance specializes in providing the nightlife and entertainment industries with customized insurance packages that give businesses comprehensive coverage and financial support. Additional insurance policies available include workers compensation, technology, and general liability insurance, among other policies.

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