BitFoxCoins Launches AI Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

BitFoxCoins Launches AI Cryptocurrency Trading Platform
Members can take advantage of smart trading, securities, Forex, and more

BRAZIL – July 19, 2019 – BitFoxCoins has announced the launch of their new AI trading platform, which features several leading-edge technologies designed to help investors get the most from their assets.

In the world of trading, there are a wide range of factors that can cause mistakes. BitFoxCoins AI trading platform eliminates these factors by offering a program that is highly logical and not emotional. By analyzing real-time data from markets, BitFoxCoins AI can make solid choices in record time.

Developers and an international community of cryptocurrency experts specializing in trading, securities, Forex, and other investments came together to create an AI trading platform that would be highly streamlined and beneficial for investors. They built out the features that are now available at BitFoxCoins, including the AI Trading Bots and BFC Coin.

The live AI Trading Bot delivers 24/7 live trading that presents flawless buying, selling, and holding. While human traders are offline, the AI bots are still at work. This advanced software leverages machine learning, blockchain tech, and professional trading expertise to deliver real results. Entrepreneurs from around the world, IT pros, traders, and legal pros have come together to develop the AI Trading Bot.

BitFox coins, or BFC, are a MainNet token based on the BitFox protocol. BFC is the base unit of accounts with the BitFox blockchain and the value of all other tokens derives from that. BFC is what connects all of BitFox, giving members a wide open freedom with new and exciting opportunities.

BitFoxCoins is committed to continuing the advancement of their platform and is seeking out the top developers, programmers, and traders currently active in AI, cryptocurrency, and artificial intelligence to ensure that the BitFoxCoins platform continues to be at the leading-edge of machine learning and cryptocurrency tech.

With the BitFox AI, members can expect their trading decisions to be reviewed in real time, and three modes for trading are available. First, the high frequency trading (HFT) hybrid mode activates technical indicators to analyze market trends and make trades; the AI mode reviews and makes trading decisions based on past and real time market data; and the OCO mode offers trading on all pairs with both stop loss and take profit levels available at the same time so that only one or the other is executed.

The security and safety of blockchain ensures the platform’s performance, and members can choose from a number of packages and plans to ensure they get exactly what they need. More information can be found at

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BitFoxCoins is a groundbreaking new trading platform offering AI-based trading, securities, Forex, and other investments, and more.

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