Kuester Management Group Shares Tips for Increasing Homeowner Involvement in the HOA

Kuester Management Group Shares Tips for Increasing Homeowner Involvement in the HOA
Kuester Management Group details ways that the HOA can attract more interest in supporting association activities.

As the old cliché goes, “It takes a village.” This applies to running an effective homeowners association (HOA) too. It is not just one person leading the charge and doing all of the work; there are a multitude of people involved from homeowners to property managers to vendors and more. However, HOAs often struggle with getting homeowners to step up and lend a hand. Kuester Management Group has released a statement to the press regarding how HOA boards can increase engagement and interest from homeowners.

“Volunteers are the lifeblood of the HOA,” says Bryan Kuester, President of Kuester Management Group. “Whether serving on the board, on committees, or donating their time and talent in other ways, that is what makes the association keep running. Without the hard work and dedication of members, the association would not exist.”

Despite the critical role volunteers play, HOAs still face the challenge of getting more people involved. One way to increase interest is simply through education. Kuester encourages boards to raise awareness about the important role committees and members play and the benefits of board service. If certain members are very vocal and active, speak with them one-on-one about putting their energy and efforts toward supporting the HOA.

Appeal to homeowner interests and let them know what skills and talents are in demand. It could be possible that they’re hesitant to volunteer because they don’t know where or how they are needed. Once they start hearing about different ways to put their talents to use, they may be more apt to step up.

“Explain different options for getting involved,” says Kuester. “Volunteering doesn’t have to mean sitting on the board. It can mean helping to plan special events that happen just a few times a year, or being part of a one-time activity. Opportunities can vary depending on the time they are willing to commit.”

Take the time to recognize members’ efforts as well. A little acknowledgement can go a long way, and pointing out how volunteers are making a difference can raise awareness. It also makes people feel good about what they are doing and shows them that their hard work is not being overlooked. When volunteers feel appreciated, they are more likely to continue helping and encourage others to get involved as well.

The board and committee heads should also make themselves visible and accessible so that if homeowners have questions, they know whom to ask. These leaders can then outline responsibilities, expectations, and other aspects of the job. They can provide more information so homeowners can get a better feel for the role and if it might be a good fit. Plus, it’s always easier to approach a friendly face than search out a stranger.

“Communication is key,” says Kuester. “It can make or break someone’s experience and willingness to get involved. By maintaining clear and regular communication, the HOA can build a stronger network of current and future volunteers.”

Kuester Management Group works with HOAs to improve communication and address homeowner and association needs in a timely, effective manner. Learn more about the wide variety of services Kuester has to offer homeowners associations throughout the Carolinas by visiting www.kuester.com.


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