The Four Steps of Basement Underpinning and How To Set The Right Expectations, According to Experts

A common mistake when looking at ways to increase the value of a home or simply make life better for those living there by upgrading the existing structure is overlooking the immense potential a basement may hold. Estimates dictate that every 1,000 square feet of space in a household that is made usable has the potential to increase overall household value by at least 30% for those looking to put their house on the market in the future.

On the other hand, the benefits of a finished basement measured in terms of quality of life and satisfaction can be endless, and are directly proportional to what the goals are. Whether owners want to have an extra room for guests, create a space for hobbies and passions, or simply turn their basement space into profits by renting out, basement underpinning is becoming an increasing trend among people living in Toronto.

What to expect?

Basement experts at Basement Now have a deep understanding of the various worries homeowners might have when considering embarking on a major renovation or upgrading journey, such as finishing their basement. “We live in a world where comfort and commodity are always expected from every part of our lives. That is why we have seen many of our clients being wary of what a basement underpinning process might mean for them. We have thought about simplifying the entire process for them and packaging it up in a way that is easy to digest and sets the expectations right straight from the beginning: a four step process. As all projects do, we need to start with planning and having both an engineer and an architect there evaluating the space and making recommendations, as well as working together with the client to establish objectives and timelines. The next 3 steps are linked with each other: the preparation which focuses on making sure their homes remain fully functional during the process, the construction itself, and the final touch which is waterproofing. This way, it has been easier to run our clients through the entire project in an efficient and successful manner,” said a key spokesperson for Basement Now.

Where to begin?

Something that cannot be stressed enough is the importance of acquiring a basement permit before any of the work actually begins. This ensures the project itself will be compliant and safe, as indicated by inspectors. The process is not as difficult as it sounds and for the majority of times, no issues arise.

About Basement Now

Toronto-based professionals in home renovations, Basement Now have been working to differentiate themselves from their competitors through impeccable service and customer centricity. Having delivered a number of successful projects for a variety of clients, their team of experts benefits from extensive expertise and a variety of skill-sets. One of the most praised aspects of the company according to their clients is their ability to deliver on time, regardless of project scale.

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