With Employment and Job Openings Surging in Ontario, HR Departments Expected to Face Hiring Challenges

According to latest available data from June 2019, 7.4 million people across Ontario have a job and about 5.4% remain unemployed. Simultaneously, the month of April saw a record of 106,500 jobs added to the Canadian economy with Ontario and Quebec being the leading provinces in job gain. While these developments far exceeded analysts’ expectations, it is becoming significantly more important to consider the role of HR departments in finding the right candidate for the right job at the right time.

Great news in a time of unprecedented change

In Ontario alone, 47,000 new positions have been added since April. Equally important is considering the already existing positions in a context of unprecedented change where many workplaces are composed of five generations. Traditionally, older generations tended to remain in the same job or company for extended periods of time or even until retirement, however newer generations are shifting that paradigm.

Recent years have seen a lot of insecurity when it comes to staying in a job. More and more people have been switching careers, positions and companies, turning the job market into a continuously job-seekers’ market. The reason for this lies just as much with the employee as it does with the employer and the package benefits they offer, however identifying the right candidate plays an important role in avoiding such situations.

Making the hiring process as sound as possible

HR departments have always played an incredibly important role in ensuring the hiring process is up to standards, and the selected candidates match the job description from both a professional and personal point of view. These trends are prone to make the selection process even more complex and difficult. As a solution to this, HR experts with long-standing expertise have joined forces and created a cutting-edge company that leverages the technology of HR and Interview Credibility Analysis – a novelty in the field.

A spokesperson explained “The HR process now requires extensive effort and time, and even then there is no guarantee that the candidate will perform up to standards or will be the best fit for the company. The TLVA technology is here to change that. At any given moment, a multi-disciplinary video analytics solution system powered by 200 changing parameters and machine learning algorithms can review and establish behavioural patterns, and evaluate if that person is indeed the right fit. This technology promises to revolutionize how we hire and retain employees in any field.”

About Security Smart Systems

Security Smart Systems are innovators. Trailblazers paving the way for technology to make life easier, better and safer. Among many advanced solutions with applications in all fields, HR is a paramount priority. The HR And Interview Credibility Analysis system has been born out of a need to make the hiring process more efficient and secure. Tapping into the power of new technologies, this cutting-edge solution is expected to become the norm for every company looking to build a strong and successful workforce.

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