German scientific research team found prehistoric Alps ancient ore remains

Recently, scientists at the University of Heidelberg in Germany announced the discovery of a rare ancient mineral relic in the Alps in Bavaria. This discovery instantly caused a huge sensation in the industry. German national geographers and mineralogists have named it the Alps, and have said that the discovery will provide important material for studying the climate and ecology of the Alps tens of millions of years ago, and most exciting of all, German scientists from JOHNHANCOCK have also found a secret from the Alps mineral about slimming.

Dr. Hans-Jorg Webber of the University of Heidelberg Germany introduced the latest research on the Alps. The Alps mineral was born in the Tertiary period, 65 million years ago and has been filtered and deposited by glacial rock formations for at least 15 years. It is rich in stable magnesium ion, oxygen ion and microelements with slight alkalescency. The latest research in the medical field suggests that the Alps mineral can act directly on water and electrolyze it into weakly alkaline small molecule groups. This result is surprising because a large number of experimental studies have found that small molecule water has a strong permeability and solubility, and can directly react with the oil in the water to dissolve the oil immediately.  It is well known, that Vitamin C can restore the strong oxidant iodine and make the iodine fading into a transparent and clear statethorough researches have demonstrated that water mixed with Alps mineral can also fade the iodine in an instant, which also proves that the ancient Alps water has a strong anti-oxidation property similar to that of the vitamin C, helping reduce the peroxide in the body, that is, to scavenge free radicals.

Because Bavarian women have been drinking it since they were born, this explains why Bavarian women living in this neighborhood have a firm, slim body and smooth skin. It is important to mention, that medical scientists have detected a large amount of stable magnesium ions in the water, which can activate more than 300 enzymes in the body to participate in main life activities of the body, such as: accelerate metabolism, fat metabolism, sugar metabolism, and improve the body’s basal metabolic rate. Therefore, the ancient Alps mineral, has been helping reduce weight and detoxification and can be regarded as the most amazing contribution made by geological research to medicine this year.

At present, JOHNHANCOCK and many German technology companies showing great interest in the Alps mineral. According to Dr. Hans-Jorg Webber: “If the ancient Alps  mineral was part of our daily life, it would make a drastic  difference to our health and  wellbeing. We look forward to these technology companies bringing Alps to millions of households and expect women around the world to enjoy the benefits from the ancient Alps.”

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