feisou has developed a new way to help people cure their itchy scalps


Being fragile, the scalp is the second thinnest skin after the skin around the eyes. Once stimulated, it can cause a variety of troublesome scalp problems such as excessive oil secretion, dandruff and tight scalp. Scalp itching seems to be a little common problem, but why people can’t stop feeling itchy even they have tried many ways?

What is the cause of itchy scalp?

First, some people are born with sensitive scalps, which are easy to be stimulated by the external things such as wind blowing, dust, season changing and improper shampoo products, and then become itchy and and even inflamed with stinging sensation.

Second, the hair follicles have been damaged by frequent hair perming or hair dyeing, which may cause hair loss in severe cases.

Third, the water and oil balance of the scalp is destroyed. A healthy scalp is not too dry or too greasy. When the scalp secretes excessive oil and is not cleaned well, the grease will remain on the scalp and lead to an increase in the number of fungi, which will make people feel itchy. Of course, there are also some other reasons, like usually using a shampoo with strong cleaning power. Excessive cleaning causes the scalp to lose necessary oil and become tight and dry, thereby making people feel itchy and even get dandruff.

People can pay more attention to their hair care in their daily life, for instance, cleaning hair with a weakly acidic shampoo instead of the shampoo with strong cleaning power. Of course, people have severe itchy scalp problems should seek medical help immediately.

And also they can try feisou REFRESHING ANTI-DANDRUFF shampoo, which is an amino acid shampoo with a pH value of 5.5 that is similar to the one of human skin, which means that this shampoo can clean people’s hair in a mild way.

Containing both peppermint oil and rosemarinus officinalis oil, this shampoo can sterilize the scalp, relieve scalp itching and help people get rid of dandruff. And peppermint essential oil gives people a unique cooling sensation that can relieve irritation. Fresh mint fragrance can also boost people’s spirits and improve their attention. In addition, the shampoo also adopts wheat germ oil that concentrates wheat nutrients and has the highest vitamin E content among all vegetable oils, provide sufficient nutrients and moisture to and can provide sufficient nutrition and moisture for the scalp. The addition of vitamin B3, nicotinamide, helps promote the blood circulation around the hair follicles.

People always can’t help scratching their itchy scalps, which is easy to damage them. The bacteria under the fingernails will remain on the scalps and lead to a vicious circle. The correct way is to press the itchy areas with finger pulps and try to avoid scratching.

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