Business Professionals in Atlanta, GA are Finding Amazing Long-Term Accommodations

Business Professionals in Atlanta, GA are Finding Amazing Long-Term Accommodations

Imagine you are a young, enthusiastic person who just got a new job in a new state. You have signed the paperwork, submitted the W-2s, and now all you have got to do is find a place to live. Surprisingly, that can be the hard part. Renting for long periods of time can be a waste of money. You end up spending all of your hard-earned money once the month is over, leaving you with almost nothing to live with. By purchasing a home, one can possibly avoid this problem, but that can be a long, arduous process. You have to visit one open house after another, present the offer, and then go through the financing process with a bank. In some cases, this can take as long as 50 days! On top of that, while waiting for the paperwork to finalize, you cannot live in the home you are purchasing! It doesn’t even make sense if you are not sure if you will be there permanently or not. So, what are the feasible solutions?

Possible Solutions 

You have to wait to live in a new home, but that is okay. Options exist for individuals like you. If you fall between the cracks of short-term accommodation and traditional rental agreements, you can book a room at a hotel, arrange a sublet, or contact a professional for a full-sized furnished accommodation (who wants to move furniture for just a few weeks!).

Hotels have offered long-term accommodations for quite some time. Unfortunately, they sometimes demand high rates for what is offered … but for maid service, TV, and possible free breakfast, it may be worth it. Especially if just for a few days, this can definitely be the best option. 

Sublets on short terms don’t have the same shortcomings as hotels, and they generally have functional kitchens, laundry, and more privacy. Unfortunately, you may not receive the service you need, with maintenance or replacement of items provided (if furnished at all). Without furnishings, you would have to pay moving fees for at least some of your pieces, and are back to moving things twice. If this is not what you are looking for, contact a business specializing in long term-accommodations. You can visit website here for more information.

Long-Term Accommodations

Long-term accommodations are rental agreements that extend on a month-to-month basis and are designed precisely for young professionals. With a long-term accommodation, you can avoid the over-priced hotels while simultaneously avoiding the six month to year-long contracts of traditional rental agreements. This allows you the flexibility to work and travel without spending too much money in the process. Best of all, accommodations are furnished, making them a nice middle ground between hotels and sublets.

Finding a company that deals with long term accommodations is rather easy. if you are looking to move to Boston, Houston, or Atlanta, Corporate Housing Associates, LP (CHA) can save your valuable time. CHA is a long-term accommodation firm that is flexible with your needs. They have offered over forty years combined of location services, earning the trust of busy professionals on the go. With numerous happy customers, you can rest assured you will receive high-quality service. To explore quality long-term options, visit CHA’s website at

Ultimately, you have a variety of options for temporary housing when moving to a new city. You can acquire a sublet, book a hotel, sign a rental agreement, or better yet, use CHA to help you find the most desirable place for you. By utilizing long-term accommodations, settling will be stress-free and easy.

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