Former millionaire makes a triumphant return within the travel industry

In mythology, the Phoenix would die in a great flame. From those ashes, another Phoenix would rise and fly away until their turn to perpetuate the cycle.

In 2009, Andrew Thompson was on top of the world.  Within a year, he was completely broke and deeply in debt.

“Then I learned about this stuff called Bitcoin,” said Thompson.

Thompson managed, in 2013, to turn himself around with the rising cryptocurrency Bitcoin.  By 2015, he had lost all of his money again.

“My life is a true rag to riches to rags to riches,” said Thompson.

Much like the Phoenix, Thompson rose again.  This time tapping into the newest social media site, Instagram and joined forces with a new and rising Instagram model, Sommer Ray.

Thompson left the Evolve app earlier this year.  Entrepreneurship was calling him again, and he heeded that call.  Thompson started Gypsee.

“I learned at the height of my success not everyone could keep up with me and my whims.  If I wanted to take off somewhere, I left.  Not everyone has that capability, obviously,” said Thompson.

Friends, especially those who live in different parts of the country, struggle to coordinate activities and vacations.  Arranging for transportation, flights, hotels, and the like while at the same time trying to collect money is a pain.

Now, friends sign up with Gypsee and pay a monthly fee.  When the fees are all paid, everyone goes on the trip.

“Once 50 percent of the trip is paid, we send the itinerary to you.  The date and all details are designed into your personal budget and not the other way around,” continued Thompson.

Various trips are available and are based on budgets.  Each individual is responsible for their own portion of the trip.  There is no collecting of money or promises of repayment for covering for someone else.

“The best way to lose friends is to loan them money and expect repayment.  We handle all of the finances and have options for those who may have a rough month.  As long as everyone is paid up by the correct date, there is no problem,” continued Thompson.

Thompson has plans to launch apps on iOS January of 2020 and Android later in Q2.  Learn more about Gypsee Travel at the website.

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