ISO-Cert Vn Introduces the New ISO 9001 Certification

ISO-Cert Vn Introduces the New ISO 9001 Certification
International Certificate Office Issues ISO 9001:2015

Hanoi, Vietnam – July 23rd, 2019 – With the increase of competitiveness in the business field, most of all business has implemented the construction of quality management service which meets the standard of ISO 9001 issued by the International Standardization Organization (ISO). ISO 9001 has been recognized as an international quality standard of quality management service. ISO 9001 is created to be applied in most of all service of any region in the world. Having been recognized internationally, ISO 9001 always have been improved throughout the years. Therefore, the newest ISO 9001 standard is ISO 9001:2015.

ISO 9001:2015 is ISO certification which has to meet several ISO standards. The standards include leadership, the involvement of staff, target customers, the process of approach, the approach of management, continuous reform and innovation, decisions based on events, and relationship with suppliers for mutual benefits. Those standards are internationally recognized as the basic quality management system. It can be applied to all forms of business, all forms of industries in all fields. Those ISO standards exist for ensuring customer satisfaction to be optimal.

The ISO standards are established by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). The agency offers trade and industry standards around the world. ISO was established on February 23, 1947. The headquarter is located in Geneva, Switzerland. ISO does not issue the ISO certification, it only makes the standard for running businesses and industries.

It is important to obtain an ISO certification to gain customers’ trust. Besides, having met the ISO standards also gives several benefits for the company itself. The product and service quality can be increased as well as the profit in the market field. Putting aside the certification can result in losing customers trust and even bankruptcy for business and industries. offers to assist in obtaining the ISO certification of ISO 9001. The website contains full information on several ISO certifications, from ISO 9001 to ISO 50001. Each ISO certification is explained in different news, including the procedure to obtain the certification. Besides, the web itself contains all information of quality standard for all business and industries. The web contains information which field has the ISO system has been applied to. In other words, it provides the newest information about ISO standards. All the information regarding ISO management system is provided.

In addition, the website also offers information about training courses regarding the ISO quality standard. The courses are supervised under the Vietnam Quality Standards Institute. The other services offered in include appeal and complaint handling, certification rules, classification, consulting, inspection and audits, testing analysis, training, and the inspectorate.


International Certificate Office (ISO-Cert) strives to provide the best consulting services to meet customer satisfaction at the highest level. We achieve a 100% success rate of consulting for customers who achieve ISO certification by developing and building a sustainable management system. We partner with the most prestigious organizations and certification bodies to ensure your certificate has the appropriate national and international accreditation.

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