Self-Experiment Two-handedness – Success with right and left

Self-Experiment Two-handedness - Success with right and left

Heidi Schlaak’s “Self-Experiment Two-handedness”
In Heidi Schlaak’s “Self-Experiment Two-handedness”, readers see what talents and faculties come to life when writing the same thing with both hands

Do you write with your left or your right hand? Which hand do you use to open doors, use the computer mouse and hold your phone? Most people are right-handed, with fewer people being left-handed and even fewer being ambidextrous, i.e. able to use the right and left hands equally well. Recent studies have found that the way you use your hands has an influence on the way your brain works. The author of this new book saw this as a good reason to start an interesting self-experiment. She wanted to know what would happen if she started to write in a variety of ways: with her right hand, with her left hand, with both hands, from left to right, from right to left, from top to bottom and the other way around. She even examined what writing blindfolded would do.

Readers will find the results in “Self-Experiment Two-handedness” by Heidi Schlaak. She shares pictures of the various experiments and talks readers through the whole process (which could encourage them to try a self-experiment on themselves!). Readers who open the book in the middle to just browse a bit, and readers who ignore the introduction, will be very confused while reading the book though because it is written in a very special way: the last sentence on each page is actually where you need to start. This is just one of the many ways this interesting book challenges the readers and their brains. It’s a provoking and entertaining read!

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