Hon. Prof. Dr. Nicolas Tzenios (creator of “KetoTv” and Chairman of TRCGEN+ medical research hub) has signed on to conduct a clinical trial with KGK Science Inc. The study will explore Hon. Prof. Tzenios ‘Friendly LDL Theory’ which suggests that in the absence of elevated glucose, low-density lipoprotein (LDL) does not oxidize or form plaque and has anti-inflammatory effects.

With this research, Hon. Prof. Tzenios hopes to prove that elevated glucose, rather than fat, is to blame for the onset of cardiovascular and diet-related diseases. If corroborated, his theory has the potential to greatly impact the realm of dietary science.

“Beginning with this trial, dietary medicine could change forever,” says Hon. Prof. Tzenios. “Next, I hope to combine my efforts with those of other researchers—together, we could transform future scientific endeavours.”

Hon. Prof. Tzenios is an expert in this field, having created literature and courses surrounding “Nic’s Keto Diet” which also involves a combination of intermittent fasting, mindful eating and emphasis on organic products.

“In the absence of elevated glucose low-density lipoprotein (LDL) does not oxidize or form plaque and has anti-inflammatory effects.”

“We will make fat great again” is just one of Nicolas’s jokes in his very serious and scientific approach to this Medical issue.

Hon. Prof. Nicolas is dedicating the results of this research to his late mother Alice, hoping in her memory to work hard to make the world a healthier place to all its inhabitants.

About Hon. Prof. Dr. Nicolas Tzenios

Prof. Dr. Nicolas Tzenios is the author of “Nic’s Keto Diet,” a book which is now available in four languages. He has also created a Keto postgraduate course, which is taught in universities and colleges across the globe.

About KGK Science Inc.

As a global Contract Research Organization (CRO), KGK Science performs a productive and pioneering role in the realm of scientific study. For over two decades, it has offered well-designed, customized solutions to each of its clients, consolidating its scientific, clinical, commercial, and regulatory abilities into one full-service package. Equipped with state-of-the-art technologies, novel research techniques, and a seasoned team of thought leaders, KGK Science remains at the forefront of its industry. And, by seamlessly matching its experience with its drive for innovation, this CRO is able to respond effectively to expanding trade and consumer demands.

About KetoTv

Keto Tv is a dedicated Keto channel (http://www.youtube.com/c/KETOTV1) with over 1.6 million views in less than 5 month.


TRCGEN+ sponsor Medical research clinical trials including keto diet effects and a genetic research related to specific genetic cancer treatment approach with Kursk State Medical University.

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