Simple Life Organics Offer Healthy Meals and Snacks For Busy Families

It is all too common for people today to sacrifice nutrition—like a healthy meal or snack—for a fast food alternative that is less time consuming to acquire.  After experiencing the joys of eating healthy while living in the Midwest, Emmily Nelson and her husband Jeff established Simple Life Organics in an effort to share their profound knowledge of healthy, organic foods with people everywhere.  Simple Life Organics was founded on the principles that eating well can be just as easy as buying a burger, and organic foods are a boon to the environment.

After getting married in 2013, the Nelsons were stationed in Minot, North Dakota.  This remote location offered few fresh produce items that other areas of the nation could provide, so the Nelsons invested in developing their own healthy foods.  After adopting a fully organic diet, the Nelsons realized that they could share their delicious and healthy foods with others.

Simple Life Organics may soon offer an array of meals and snacks like Organic Mac & Cheese, Organic Chicken Rice, Organic Trail Mix, or Organic Vanilla Cake Mix (product listing to be finalized soon) through their online marketplace.  These nutritious and delicious items will be made from all natural ingredients grown in the U.S. and certified organic by the CCOF.

This is an ambitious project, but one that will require financial support from the public to become commercially successful.  Emmily and Jeff have sponsored a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise the $15,000 needed to launch Simple Life Organics.  With these funds, they can determine which products to offer, the best way to create them, and begin distributing them to customers.  If you back this important project, you may receive one or more of Simple Life Organics food products, totes, or have a donation made to the Food Corps in your name.

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