Malta’s crypto assets exchange was recently popular because of the cottage

According to the official news of, on July 22, 2019, Malta time, the cryptocurrency exchange “GOOD”, which is based in Malta, is the first repurchase and destruction operation for 50% of GOOD tokens.

This is another heavyweight after the completion of the B-round round of financing of $23 million, the opening of a new trading model, the innovative board trading mechanism, the opening of a $50 million global creation node candidate, and the opening of the blockchain star program Message.

It is worth noting that with the series of big moves of, the unscrupulous activists in Southeast Asia have been eyeing the GOOD Exchange. At present, there has been a copy of the GOOD exchange on the market. Investors are looking for GOOD.  The only official domain name of the exchange is

In a series of announcements by GOOD Exchange, the (GOOD) $50 million equity creation node is the most eye-catching.  (GOOD) Creation Node’s equity includes: “Free 2 million worth of credit card, free distribution rights of nodes with a value of 50 million USD, 50% discount on the priority distribution rights of other GOOD eco-currency, creation node licensing, GOOD  Notarized on the public chain, 2 places worth 10,000 USDT ocean plan, 2 places worth 10,000 USDT global place, 2 global city plan priority support, profiteering exchange OTC acceptor election quota, etc. 10 items with high gold content Rights.

From the GOOD’s frequent actions, and there are huge capital investment, the GOOD Innovation Board is going to do big things. Let’s wait for the Good Exchange in the field of cryptocurrency exchanges.  Great innovation comes to life.

The GOOD exchange domain name, the only official WeChat QY-CM1001 campaign.

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