Wheel Clamp Manufacturer Brings A Variety Of Wheel Clamps & Wheel Boot Locks For Maintaining Safety & Reliability At A Parking Facility

Guangzhou KinouWell Technology Co., Ltd offers wheel clamps and wheel boots that can be used to lock down the cars of unauthorized parkers, so that they cannot move their cars out without paying the parking fee.

For managing a parking facility, several kinds of tools and solutions are required today. Wheel clamps are one of those tools that can be used for the enforcement of safe parking at a parking facility. These clamps can lock down the tires of a vehicle, and can restrict the driver from taking it out of the facility. The wheel clamp is particularly used when someone parks a car without paying the parking fee. By locking down the vehicle, the parking staff makes sure that the driver must pay the parking fee before leaving the parking facility.

Wheel Clamp Manufacturer Brings A Variety Of Wheel Clamps & Wheel Boot Locks For Maintaining Safety & Reliability At A Parking Facility

Guangzhou KinouWell Technology Co., Ltd is a reputed wheel clamp supplier with a variety of wheel clamps in its portfolio. These wheel clamps are robust enough to lock down tires of vehicles of all types and sizes. Moreover, these come with an adjustable diameter, so that can fit into tires of all sizes. The spokesperson of the company reveals that their wheel clamps are being used in many parking facilities around the world. The wheel clamps are mainly used to punish unauthorized parkers and force them to pay the parking fee. This way the wheel clamps play an important role in generating revenue for a parking facility.

The spokesperson states that the wheel boot and wheel clamp can also be used as an anti-theft device. Once a car’s tires are locked, a thief cannot steal it. Parking facilities can use wheel boot locks for maintaining an extra layer of security and preventing the occurrence of any unfortunate incidence of car theft. The company has different types of wheel clamps in their stock, such as triangle wheel clamps, trailer wheel clamps, car wheel clamps, and so on. These wheel clamps are made from heavy duty steel and are robust enough to withstand collision and any attempt of breaking them open. The wheel clamps are easy to fit into the car wheels and one can also easily remove it with the help of its keys.

KinouWell Technology is not just a wheel clamp manufacturer, but it also offers a complete range of parking safety and parking management solutions. They have parking locks, smart locks, barrier gates, parking disc, parking occupancy sensor, parking payment machines and other products. All these products feature the latest technologies and are designed to offer the best solution that a parking facility requires on a day to day basis. They have strong and unbreakable safety devices to help maintain security in a parking space. All these parking solutions are easy to use, and improve a sense of security among the authorized parkers. KinouWell Technology helps better the efficiency of the staff with its parking management solutions.

One can check the details of the wheel clamps and other products the company supplies by visiting the website https://www.kinouwellparking.com.

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