CableGlandsOnline Announces to Supply IP68 Waterproof Cable Glands Online

CableGlandsOnline HongKong offers different kinds of waterproof cable glands, which include Nylon Cable Glands, Brass Cable Glands and Stainless Steel Cable Glands. They also supply cable tie tools, and wire loom components online.

With the full range of Waterproof Cable Glands for various applications in their portfolio, CableGlandsOnline HongKong is the leading supplier that industries can rely upon. All these cable glands meet the IP68 waterproof specifications and are completely water tight. These cable glands also have a good resistance against mild acids and alkalis and are corrosion proof. The company can produce cable glands in large volumes and in different specifications to meet the requirements of its clients.

The spokesperson of the company states that they manufacture different types of cable glands, including the Nylon Cable Gland. The company maintains an impressive portfolio of nylon cable glands, which include PG cable gland, NPT cable gland, G(PF) cable gland, metric cable gland, angled cable gland, and so on. These cable glands are available with the right kind of locking nuts for fixing the cord or the cable at the opening. According to the spokesperson, they generally supply cable glands in black and grey colors. However, they can supply cable glands in a variety of other colors as well as per the demand of the customer. Made of high quality nylon material, these cable glands are UL approved and feature an excellent strain relief for a long lasting performance.

CableGlandsOnline  Announces to Supply IP68 Waterproof Cable Glands Online

CableGlandsOnline HongKong specializes in the production of the Waterproof Cable Gland that can also be used in the install well. With extreme water tightness, these cable glands are designed to avoid the leakage and preserve resources. The spokesperson reveals that these waterproof cable glands feature an exact size and a precise design, which allow for a tight fitting. This is the reason why these cable glands do not allow any kind of leakage. At the same time, made from nylon, brass or stainless steel, these cable glands never rust and are free from corrosion. Thus, they last longer.

The company also maintains a significant Stainless Steel Cable Gland range for its clients. The range includes PG Stainless Steel Cable Glands, NPT Stainless Steel Cable Glands, G(PF) Stainless Steel Cable Glands and Metric Stainless Steel Cable Glands. The spokesperson reveals that these Stainless Steel Cable Glands also come with the IP68 waterproof rating, and EXd II explosion proof. These cable glands are also UL approved and are compliant with the RoHS standards. Made from high quality 304 stainless steel, these cable glands are suitable for a wide range of cables. They supply cable glands all across the world and generally pack 100 pcs of cable glands in a bag for shipping. All cable glands are supplied after testing and quality assurance.

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About CableGlandsOnline HongKong offers a wide selection of cable glands and cable ties to fit your needs. All cable glands meet IP68 specifications as liquid tight and are resistant to low level acids and alkalis. These cable glands are also designed for the install well. They can supply full sizes of all kinds of cable glands for applications that require metric, NPT or PG or other types.

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