Divided Nation: Britons Split Between Exercise and Digital Entertainment

GO Laser Tag London, a leading laser tag company in the UK, recently commissioned a survey to establish if the British public prefers exercise or media-activities. Find out what it learned from the results of the survey.

The evolution of modern technology throughout the digital age has increased the amount of time people spend looking at screens. Such is this that today’s children are spending less time outside than ever before, which is contributing to increased obesity rates and a variety of other health problems. On the other hand, you have to consider how popular health and fitness is now as a hobby, trend and lifestyle choice. Is the problem really as bad as we think it is?

GO Laser Tag London asked 500 members of the British public whether they prefer media-based activities (television, video games, phones, tablets, etc.) or exercise-based activities (sports, hobbies, outdoor activities, etc.)

The results demonstrated that the United Kingdom is essentially split down the middle, with 52% opting for exercise and the remaining 48% choosing media-based activities. In an era when technology reigns supreme, this is a surprising and optimistic result.

Tommy Pemberton, Founder of GO Laser Tag London, commented on the results: “I think the results of the survey will surprise some, but it’s fair to say that despite the widespread use of technology, there are still many people who prefer to break a sweat. Some like exercise, while others like media-based stuff, and then there are always the activities that bridge the gap between the two, such as laser tag and virtual reality.”

While there’s no doubt that forms of media such as TV, gaming and the abundance of time we spend looking at our phones can lead to long periods of inactivity, the results of this survey are a good indication that physical activities are still very much appealing and highly sought by people of all ages. The results of GO Laser Tag’s survey bode well for a future where health continues to be a priority, despite the sedentary nature of most digital entertainment. Of course, there is still a significant amount of people who favour digital media over healthier alternatives.

Pemberton went on to say: “In laser tag, physical activity and technology go hand-in-hand, so naturally, we get players from a wide range of age groups. Many of these are attracted by the competitive and physical nature of the sport, whereas others come because it shares similarities with shoot-em-up-style video games.”

With so many people using digital media every day and being influenced by what they read and watch, it’s undoubtedly a tool that can be used to enhance interest in physical activity. Doing so will allow today’s generation and the next to recognise the advantages of modern technology without resigning themselves solely to sedentary activities that negatively impact their health.

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