AdvantaClean Committed To Helping Fort Lauderdale Residents Fix Premises after Water Damage

As weather patterns change and Fort Lauderdale storms become more prevalent, the potential of water damage in home and subsequent mold growth increase as well. Most Fort Lauderdale residents will soon be dealing with lots of moisture problems.

Even worse, when it comes to mitigating water damage issues, many homeowners often feel that they can conduct the cleanup on their own because it seems more affordable and efficient. However, this is not true since water damage restoration experts are the best-recommended people to fix such issues most safely and effectively.

Professionals not only inspect all the areas that have been affected by the water damage or leaks but also ensure that no area is left un-restored.  This is meticulous cleaning process reduces the risk of further damage from water that may be lingering in the basement, under the floors, in cabinets and drawers, and other less visible sections of the home.

Additionally, most homeowners don’t have the right equipment to handle the restoration process, which not only involves water but also mold issues. On the contrary, professionals have the right gear to ensure that the cleanup process is completed without endangering the home occupants’ health.

AdvantaClean Fort Lauderdale is the local expert for water damage repair, mold removal and cleanup. They provide fully insured and bonded expert support for emergency water damage services for homes and businesses. Having been in business for long, they understand the corrective actions to take in case of water damage or mold issues.

“When a homeowner’s knee-jerk response to any problem is to do DIY research, water damage and mold infestation are going to throw him o her for a loop,” says AdvantaClean’s spokesperson. “A small water leak may appear to be a small problem, but what’s lurking in the background can cause a lot of nightmares. A professional water restoration contractor will be able to identify the class of water; bacteria and microbes present, identify the cause, and recommend the right course of action. A professional contractor also understands the relevant EPA requirements and knows the steps to take to properly clean the area.”

Mitigating Mold Growth after water damage

All it takes for mold to grow after water damage is 24-48 hours. It is, therefore, critical to remove all the wet contents, including carpeting, furniture, and bedding as soon as possible. Although some experts advise that items that have been wet for less than 48 hours can be salvaged, what should guide any homeowner is whether or not the item holds monetary or sentimental value to salvage. The next step is to thoroughly clean the area, including wood beams, drywall, insulations, etc. Lastly, disinfect the area not only to curb mold growth but also to get rid of any form of bacteria that could have come up through toilets and sewers.

About AdvantaClean

Established in 1994, AdvantaClean specializes in emergency water removal, repairs, mold removal, cleanup and air duct cleaning. The company boasts of highly trained experts who are always ready to respond to any form of water damage emergency 24/7 every day of the year. Their goal is to make Fort Lauderdale’s residential, institutional, commercial, and governmental properties clean, safe, and healthy for the occupants.

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