ETH BANK – the leader of open finance and the “BITMAIN” in the ETH 2.0 era

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

“The Times 03/Jan/2009 Chancellor on brink of second ballout for banks”, this sentence of Nakamoto’s stay in the Bitcoin creation block has set off a new round of financial turmoil.

As the most disruptive technology since the Internet, blockchain has brought unprecedented impact to various industries. Among the mixed projects, inferior projects have been expelled from high-quality projects, and the return of the blockchain project is an issue that people have been thinking about.

In November 2017, CryptoKitties became a phenomenal product;

In August 2018, the DAPP Fomo3D, which was developed based on Ethereum, triggered the DAPP boom;

In 2019, Facebook with 2.7 billion members released the Libra Stabilization White Paper. The DeFi financial industry represented by Maker DAO has a lockout size of US$418 million. The Esplanade’s staking Economy market reached US$54 billion. Based on the underlying technology of the ETH smart contract, what kind of chemical potential energy will be covered by the DAPP of DeFi and Staking, and the new species of Ether Bank came into being.In the future, temporary assets in exchanges will also be used as collateral and will be paid dividends to investors.

Launched by a technical team formed by just Game (Fomo 3D) and Ethereum technical hackers, the Ether Bank writes all technical implementations and pattern rules into a non-tamperable smart contract through a new model of smart contract + DAPP. Blockchain participants build a safe, transparent and fair investment environment. Building a wealthy community where everyone can participate through rational scientific business logic and mathematical models. As a decentralized, untrusted blockchain project that runs directly on the Ethereum network, forward-looking concepts, strict risk control systems and professional asset allocation enable a comprehensive transcendence of technology to model to ecology. The trigger mechanism of the smart contract distributes the income reasonably and accurately, guarantees the security of funds and information to the greatest extent, and allows the co-constructors of the ecological community to obtain the value return, and all the holders can share the reward of the ecological co-builder.

“Investment is mining”, “Pledge is dividend.” ETH  BNAK covers the Lending Arbitrage Service, DeFi, Cross-border remittance, Quantitative trading, Staking and so on. As blockchain technology began to transform from serving finance to reshaping finance, Ethernet banks have evolved from the initial “financial reformers” to “financial revolutionaries” as ETHs from POW to POS. With ETH 2.0’s financial solution, Ethereum will build a smart contract and financial platform that meets POS commercial standards.Drainage to cultivate the habit of investors to build barriers.

To be the leader of open finance and the “BITMAIN” in the ETH POS era.

The POW Consensus has created the rich continent of Bitco, combined with the technical advantages of Smart Contract + DAPP, relying on the strong outbreak of DeFi and Staking, I believe that the Ethereum Bank will be the leader of this wave of wealth. Collecting the power of all people, chaining the world, shaping the new system of ETH rights and certification, and creating a new and enduring contractual new civilization.

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