The founding of Korean Branch of ADE: cooperation with Tosx to write a brand-new chapter for the Block Chain and Finance

The development of the block chain industry in Korea, which is one of the markets with most vitality in digital asset investment, has been ranking among the first in the world. The importance and expectation to the block chain and the digital assets industry attached by Korean government was manifested through the fact that Korean regulators has lifted the ban of ICO since last June, thereby regulating the industry and promulgating favorable policies. Moreover, chaebols such as Samsung Group, KT Group and Kakao started founding block chain companies or investing relevant projects in succession. Therefore, South Korea becomes an indispensible point in the globalization layout of block chain companies from other countries or regions.


Following the founding of the branch in Thailand this month, there comes the completion of setting up Korean branch of ADE after a series of intensive plans, which was inaugurated on 25, July. The team of the Korean branch not only attracts elites from local well-known financial institutions, but also designates the experts in the professional realm of the block chain as consultants. Being an international one-stop block chain financial service provider, ADE concentrates on the block chain industry to form localization ecosystem, based on the trading platform and financial services.

Furthermore, signing a contract with the Thai JMB Group, the ADE Group was paid attentions by the companies in the field of financial technology worldwide, including the Tosx who is the baron in mobile payment application. Tosx is one of the top 10 tycoon startup companies, and it claims that 10 million users have been registered its payment application, accounting for 20% of South Korean 50 million population. Ultimately, the strategic cooperation intention was determined after many meetings and mutual deep knowing.

The ADE Group Marketing Director, Banky, the South Korea Financial Committee Vice Chairman, Jin Ruofan and the South Korea Blockchain Self-Regulatory Association President, Jim, attended the signing ceremony for the strategic cooperation which was held in the Korea branch of ADE on July 27th. At the ceremony, Director Park, the head of the branch, announced that the Tosx would become the exclusive partner of ADE in Korea and assume the office of the chief consultant and a committeeman of the Korean business.

The Director Park said: “The exponential growth of the Korean market of the financial technology befits the application of the block chain. With powerful potential of economic growth, Korea is the best place for commercialization of the block chain. From the Tosx on, we do hope to work with the best local companies in all regions worldwide to consolidate our foothold in East Asia.”

“It is inspiring that we reach the significant operation with ADE, which will contribute us to march into the block chain field and dominate the local market faster. Last year, we tried to seek a right partner from many financial institutions and media inside the business, but failed. Fortunately, we got the best one, ADE Group,” said Jin Daoxian, the CEO of Tosx. “This year, we will fight for the Korean local market and extend to Australia and Southeast Asia with ADE.”

Assembling global industrial resources, ADE devoted itself into establishing a top-level platform with standard, security and efficiency for users’ trading digital assets globally. It aims at being an innovative digital economy company of high quality with the concept of good-coin oriented, in order to establish a standard block chain trading platform for users to obtain a large number of high-quality investment projects without worrying about ICO, IEO and absconding. Adhering to the concept of “Digital Economy + Block chain”, based on the one-stop incubation model and the regulation mechanism covering the whole process, ADE will contribute to the development of innovative companies vigorously, thereby providing users with more high-quality investment projects. ADE is pursuing for promoting the token economy, achieving the boom of block chain, thus creating a virtuous circle and healthy environment for the digital assets industry and generalizing the preference in the block chain finance.

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