The Most Anticipated Vectorium IEO is Live!

Vectorium crowfounding raises its first million euros thanks private sales, several partnerships and the current IEO.

The most relevant investment was signed on July 18, in a historic library in Milan. The CEO of VECTORIUM, dr. Benedetto signed with Dr. Scaglia, CEO of the Portuguese company Purplecolossal LDA, a very important preliminary partnership agreement that provides for an investment that will cover the costs of preparing the first waste-to-coin island in Portugal.

This investment brings the funds raised to exceed the first million euros and almost to the achievement of the SOFT CAP.

VECTORIUM is a cutting-edge project, powered by blockchain and AI technology, with the aim of tackling one of the most important problems of society, the conversion of waste into coins. At the moment it is possible to contribute to the sale of coins directly on the vectorium website or by joining the initial exchange offer provided by exmarket

Vectorium Flash is a mineable coin based on a new blockchain technology. It’s the core asset of the new CryptoEnergy project that will lead us into a new era.  Vectorium Plus, instead, is a powerful way to convert your mined coins to electricity power and consortium shares!

You can find more details on the Whitepaper:

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