Oregon Health DPC Is Redefining Primary Health Care Services by Focusing On Patients and Excluding Third-Party Players

Third-party players in the healthcare systems like government and insurance companies make it more difficult for patients to receive treatment on time. Oregon Health DPC is changing the face of primary health care delivery by focus entirely on the patients

Tualatin, Oregon – Primary healthcare is the backbone of modern health services in communities and society at large. However, because of third-party interference, health services delivery has been a huge disappointment for patients.

Dr. Yusef Mathai through his Oregon Health DPC is redefining primary health care services, using modern technology and strategy approach. His many years in the industry has though him plenty of lessons on how patients are treated by the system, and what their desires are.

Now, through his outfit, patients easily schedule office visits, communicate easily with their PCP, and save on their treatments and medications. No more delays in seeing primary health care professionals, as they are making family and community care systems work effectively for patients.

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There are several healthcare facilities offering all sorts of healthcare products and services. However, not many of them can be said to have the type of unique and innovative service that Oregon Health DPC is offering.

The facility has a team of professional healthcare service providers headed by Dr. Yusef Mathai, a medical practitioner with the passion to transform health care delivery. Their desire is to see healthcare focus on the patients and reducing the influence of government policies and insurance company rules. Everyone working in the health facility has a sense of responsibility driven by their loyalty and commitment to patients.

Joining the Direct Primary Care (DPC) practice is one of the best things anyone can do for their health and that of their family members. While most health facilities manage over 3,000 patients, they have limited their offering to only 600 patients, and only attend to 24 – 30 patients a day. This gives health professionals more time to listen to the patients and find the perfect health solution, instead of just doing mere guesswork.

Patients who sign up with their services have so much to benefit from. They offer comprehensive healthcare for adults and kids, including for medical weight loss, mental health, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. Patients also can take advantage of discounted radiology and testing, coordination with specialists, and discounts on medication, lab procedures, and so on. Oregon Health DPC also offers functional preventive primary care, and Hormonal Optimization and Age Management treatments. Patients with or without insurance are catered for, with their monthly fees that carry no extra charges.

For more information, please contact 97062-503-506-8500, info@oregonhealthdpc.com, or visit https://www.oregonhealthdpc.com/.

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