Famous crowdfunding supporting platform makes changes to its operations

Famous crowdfunding supporting platform makes changes to its operations
Canada-based tax-saving firm and crowdfunding support platform, CanadianCozie, announces the suspension of their operations internationally due to high-end security and verification issues

Canadiancozie is a sister concern of SIOM organization that has supported up to $1 billion and has successfully operated for almost a decade. The company provides an innovative platform that allows users to lower their taxable income for donations to qualified, tax-exempt organizations. The company has however announced that it will be suspending its operations outside Canada, making the services exclusively available to Canadian citizens alone.

One of the methods used by millions of people to reduce their taxable income and ultimately reduce the amount paid in taxes is by donating to charity. However, donors and other such interested persons looking to support a laudable cause while also reducing their tax liability often find it difficult to get the right channel to make such donations. This is where Canadiancozie has been able to make a difference since it started operating almost a decade ago.

Canadiancozie basically works by allowing people to collect donation from their platform, offering an innovative channel to connect donors and recipients, making it easy for both ends of the transaction to fulfill their needs.

Over the years, CanadianCozie has remained true to its primary goal of acting as a liaison between donor and crowdfunding campaigner, supporting any kind of crowdfunding campaign across the globe. The company contacts the donor to donate the specific campaign while also processing the tax reduction for the donation.

Canadian Cozie has continued to demonstrate its professionalism and desire to help people reach millions of people across the globe. However, due to new developments bordering on security, the platform has stopped the support of donors outside Canada. Consequently, residents outside Canada and non-Canadian residents can no longer enjoy the amazing service offered by Canadiancozie.

Interested users from other parts of the world can still create accounts on the crowdfunding supporting platform. Such persons can also get the support from Canadiancozie by contacting the company via email. The email should contain the cause and other important details that the platform will need to provide the best possible support.

In line with the platform’s goal of sanitizing its process of service delivery, the company has also removed all verified social profile including its Facebook page with 9 million followers to prevent spamming.

The steps have become particularly necessary to curb the activities of fake crowdfunding campaign that created to depend on Canadian cozie to excel with their ulterior motives.

Canadiancozie opens their e-commerce platform bioeducation center, allowing interested persons to buy canadiancozie crowdfunding supporting package.

Canadian Cozie has a wide range of easy to use tax solutions that have made the company one of the most sought-after services providers in the industry. The technology-driven solutions, with the CozieTax software leading the way, ensure that everyone get the best possible tax paying experience.

The solutions offered by Canadiancozie include the CozieTax Help and Review and CozieTax Full Service. The CozieTax Help and Review is designed to answer all the tax questions that might be bothering clients, with a Cozie expert always available to attend to the needs of taxpayers, ensuring an accurate final review of returns before the eventual filing.

The CozieTax Full Service affords customers the full service of the company. The service allows clients to enjoy the service of an expert who prepares, optimizes, reviews and remotely produces the tax return without the client literally lifting a finger.

Canadinancozie has continued to garner reviews from users thanks to the excellent solutions offered by the platform. “The first time we made our own taxes, CozieTax made the use extremely easy and convenient. Will definitely recommend to friends and use again,” said Jess, Alberta.

More information about Canadiancozie and the award-winning solutions they offer are available on their website.

About Canadiancozie

Founded by Armando A. Vangorder, CanadianCozie is a sister concern of SIOM organization founded to save users income tax and also allowed them to process their donation receipt. The crowdfunding support platform connects donors and campaigners, allowing both parties to meet their needs without any hassle.

The company also offers a wide range of technology-driven tax payment solutions, with its tax payment software described as Canada’s #1 tax software.

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