Innovative Human Capital Development Company talks about Outsourcing in a new post

Innovative Human Capital Development Company talks about Outsourcing in a new post

Leading Indian-based recruitment company, Growyourstaff, highlights the pros and cons of setting up a remote team to outsource work to India in a new article

Growyourstaff has continued in its pursuit of helping companies build highly effective offshore teams in India as the company recently posted an article on its website talking about the need for businesses to set up a remote team to outsource work to India. Titled “Benefits of Outsourcing – Top 6 reasons as to why you should do it,” the article details some of the features that smart companies have been enjoying over the years by outsourcing their operations to India.

Outsourcing is a concept that has been around for a long while. However, the practice of the concept particularly among businesses across the globe has increased in recent times with more organizations realizing the inherent benefits of outsourcing. Offshoring can be said to be an offshoot of outsourcing that businesses use as they pursue their organizational goals. Dramatic reduction in cost and increased profits are two of the biggest reasons for offshoring.

India currently ranks as one of the top destinations for offshoring. The statistics is not surprising considering that there are currently about 1.8 million Indian immigrants working in the United States. These figures show how super talented and super savvy this set of individuals are, which makes them an asset to any institution. However, many of the talented professionals in India have found it a bit difficult to migrate to the US, leaving a lot of potential in India ready to be tapped. This is where Grow Your Staff has been able to help business harness these potential by creating a platform to connect with these individuals.

In the recently published article, Grow Your Staff took a deep dive into the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing. Some of the benefits of outsourcing mentioned are highlighted as follows:

• Get more work done or cut costs (You get to choose!!)

• Huge talent pool to choose from

• It’s all about quality

• Not much of a culture difference

• Best in class infrastructure and ease of business

• Focus on your core

The post is the first of two articles where Grow Your Staff talks about outsourcing in simple and easy terms that can be understood by every reader.

More information about Grow Your Staff and the innovative outsourcing solutions offered can be found on their website.

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