Service Provider Explains How Small Plumbing Problems Cause Huge Water Damage in San Diego

Many homeowners may not realize it, but water damage can come from even the smallest of plumbing faults.

SAN DIEGO – San Diego water damage restoration service Pacific Flood Restoration sees this particular problem plenty of times in their daily operations. Most homeowners do not recognize the issue until the damage is done and extensive restoration is necessary.

One of their most recent customers, Susan Davis, did not see she had a burst pipe in her home until the water seeped up through the floor and damaged her wood floors. She immediately called for San Diego water remediation services and Pacific Flood Restoration.

“Mr. Damico sent his employees out as soon as I called. They came, noticed the issue and got the entire problem under control before it had gotten too bad. One of their employees reported black mold could have set in if they had not corralled the issue when they did,” said Ms. Davis.

This is why Pacific Flood Restoration offers a 24/7 emergency service. Sometimes there is not a small leak that takes a while to show. Some leaks happen quickly and are serious. This is why swift water damage cleanup in San Diego, CA is necessary.

Michael Damico, Principal of Pacific Flood Restoration, offered this in addition to making that all important phone call, “be sure to contact a licensed plumber as well. It is not recommended to tackle any of these issues on your own as this can cause more damage. Leave all of the work to the professionals.”

Pacific Flood Restoration covers San Diego and the surrounding areas. They have a 24/7 emergency line in case of absolute emergencies. For all other needs, including before and after pictures, visit the website at

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