Get rid of some bad habits and maintain healthy hair with feisou shampoo


Why does hair become dry, unruly, split or get other problems? In addition to the reason of hair dyeing, they may also be caused by the following shampoo habits.

Frequent use of alkaline shampoos with strong cleaning power.

The ionic bonds and the disulfide bonds in the hair are easily destroyed by some ingredients of alkaline shampoos, which will make the hair become rough and dull. Therefore, people are suggested to use a shampoo that is milder in nature.

feisou NOURISHING SMOOTHING amino acid shampoo whose pH value is 5.5, which means it is weakly acidic and not irritant to the scalp at all. The product is rich in natural plant essential oils, for example, tangerine peel oil, which is antibacterial and oxidation resisting and can enhance the secretion of hyaluronic acid. What’s more, it sends out a fresh orange aroma that can boost people’s spirits and alleviate their anxiety. Jojoba seed oil rich in vitamin D and protein has been adopted to moisturize hair and make it silky smooth. The hydrolyzed keratin and squalane have been also added to nourish hair, protect and condition it, and restore it to the glossy state.

Scratching the scalp.

Many people scratch their scalps for cleaning their hair, but unfortunately they are doing wrong. Fingertips always hurt the fragile scalp and even leave bacteria on it, causing some scalp problems. Rubbing hair roughly can also cause damage to hair scales. Actually, people should massage their scalps with their finger pulps and then rinse the shampoo off.

Shampooing with hot or cold water.

Most people are used to washing their hair in the shower. When the hot water ran from the top of the head to the feet, people feel comfortable and relaxed. However, hot water will make the disulfide bonds in the hair be hydrolyzed, destroy the elasticity of hair and cause dry, flaky and itchy scalps. Cold water will stimulate the blood vessels in the head and make them constrict, resulting in insufficient blood supply to the head, which will cause the hair to fall off over time. Therefore, people ought to use the warm water (that is with a temperature close to their bodies’) to wash their hair.

Drying hair roughly.

When the hair is wet, both rough rubbing and improper combing will easily damage the hair scales and even make them fall off, leaving hair porous, coarse, fragile, dull and inelastic. At this time, people should gently wrap their hair with a towel, and dry it with a hairdryer after the excess water has been absorbed.

For keeping their hair healthy, sometimes people just need to get rid of some bad habits and use a good shampoo.

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