Meet The 21-Year-Old Who Is Building An Elite Marketing Agency In Mexico

Meet The 21-Year-Old Who Is Building An Elite Marketing Agency In Mexico

It is essential, to keep an eye on emerging names that will become influences in the near future.

Such is the case of Rodrigo Arvizo; a 21-year-old agency owner, who quietly, but steadily has been building Altacent Marketing, a world-class marketing agency.

Helping clients in over 14 countries, bringing in a consistent 5x return of investment and helping businesses make over 2 million dollars in the first months, Rodrigo Arvizo is becoming one of the top-tier entrepreneurs in Mexico.

When asked about his beginnings, Rodrigo explains he started his first business at 17. “We live in a privileged era, one of my goals is to help young aspiring entrepreneurs learn that it is possible to start and scale a business successfully at any age, in any place. Everybody has access to the same tools; it is a matter of broadening your options and raising your standards.”

Rodrigo’s marketing agency manages six figures per month in advertising budget for clients. He is able to bring this kind of results by focusing solely on providing revenue driven services.

He adds “Altacent Marketing is my marketing agency. We help businesses scale their revenue using paid advertising on social channels and Google. We concentrate on bringing them an outstanding return on their investment in the first months. In fact, we consistently bring our clients a 4x return of their investments in the first 3 months of working together”

When asked why he chose digital marketing, Rodrigo gave us a very interesting answer “I have always been passionate about sales and psychology, it amazes me how our minds work, and why we do certain things. I have combined both of my passions resulting in marketing. Plus, I love the opportunity to help scale businesses that I truly believe in.”

When asked how Rodrigo and Altacent Marketing are comfortable charging high monthly fees; this rising entrepreneur explains: “I’m confident that we will make for our clients way more than what our service fee is. Plus, we only take on clients that we truly believe can be helped by us and achieve outstanding results.”

Lastly, Rodrigo shares some of the things he has learned, so other young business owners can start and grow their own marketing agencies “Provide value for clients you believe in, focus on high return on investment and result-driven services. And completely concentrate on growing your agency, without paying attention to other shiny objects or getting distracted by life.

Focusing on delivering value for the clients you believe in, is going to be one of your best assets when it comes to producing great outcomes and results, plus it will fulfill you.

Then, offer only result-driven services, and not activities, that are going to take too much time and effort, and fewer results for your clients.

Finally, getting laser-focused on the main goal; becoming a better agency owner. A lot of distractions and shiny objects are going to present themselves, throughout an agency owner’s journey, but you can only achieve the amazing results you want when you focus on one thing: providing better results for your clients and scaling your agency.”

Rodrigo’s plans for the future are clear “I want to grow my personal brand, and help as many people as possible by talking from experience, sharing wins and losses, and my best advice on how to start their own marketing agencies and reaching a level of affluence in their lives.”

So far, so good. Rodrigo Arvizo will be a household name in this business. Keep this name in mind.

For inquiries please contact Rodrigo and his team at:

Instagram at @rodrigoarvizo

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