Chevrah Lomdei Mishnah – A Service that Allows Patrons to Earn Merits for their Departed Loved Ones

Chevra Lomdei Mishnah is a non-profit organization that has dedicated itself to helping people looking to study Mishnah for their deceased loved ones.

Studying the Mishnah is considered to be a way to provide merits to departed souls by their loved ones. This sacred and age-old Jewish tradition of reading the texts of the Mishnah allows people to find peace whilst honoring their departed family members and friends.

For the uninitiated, the Mishnah is a collection of texts that contains the oral teachings of Judaism, it’s also called the “Oral Torah.” Written in Mishnaic Hebrew, these texts were redacted by Judah the Prince back in the early 3rd Century. The Mishnah contains a total of 6 Orders also known as Sedarim and each of those orders contains 7 to 12 tractates.

For several hundred years it has been the tradition amongst Jews to study the Mishnah in the memory of the departed. Jews often read portions of the Mishnah or all 6 Orders of the Mishnah for the departed souls. While Jews who regularly read the Torah and other ancient texts may possess the knowledge to complete the Mishah, others are often overwhelmed are caught out of their depths. 

Two of the main reasons why people often fail to perform the Mishnah studies themselves is time and skill. Reading and studying the Mishnah needs experience and the knowledge of the script that many Jews lack. The sheer volume of mishnayos also makes it a time-consuming affair. For many Jews who have never read the Mishnah, the goal of completing all 6 volumes prove to be almost impossible. As mentioned earlier, the Mishnah is written in Mishnaic Hebrew, which needs special knowledge to be read and interpreted. It also takes sheer dedication to complete the 6 Orders, which can take several years for inexperienced readers.

This is exactly where Chevrah Lomdei Mishnah provides such a vital service. This non-profit organization has been in existence for over a decade with the sole purpose of helping Jews to achieve their Mishnah study goals. Supported by Gedolei Yisrael, Chevra Lomdei Mishna has a network of Torah scholars who have dedicated their lives to studying the mishnayos for patrons seeking merit for their departed loved ones. These scholars understand the ancient texts and they possess the ability to deeply concentrate to complete the reading on time.  Chevra Lomdei Mishna follows a strict process to find highly qualified Torah scholars. This is essential as several mishnayos can be challenging even for experience Mishnah readers. The dedication and knowledge of the Torah scholars help patrons find peace and comfort knowing the Mishnah study is being done by someone who has the utmost respect for his work.

Chevra Lomdei Mishna has helped thousands of Jewish people located all across the globe and allowed them to honor and provide merit for their loved ones. The organization opens its doors for all Jews no matter what their backgrounds. It has also become a favored service amongst non-religious Jews who want to honor their departed parents or grandparents who were religious.

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