All The People Who Wish To Live A Legendary Life And Rise Up To Iconic Level Need To Follow “Your World Within”

All The People Who Wish To Live A Legendary Life And Rise Up To Iconic Level Need To Follow “Your World Within”
Nothing is impossible if there is enough dedication!

Florida, USA – Eddie Pinero is a speaker and producer from Boston, MA with a passion for inspiring others. An avid runner and former D1 athlete, Eddie has taken his competitive mindset to the realm of entrepreneurship, creating multiple businesses and reaching over 50,000,000 viewers in 82 countries around the globe. From the keynote presentations he provides to the viral video content he produces, Eddie’s message is clear; anything is possible in life if you believe in yourself and work toward your dreams. 

Recently, Eddie has scheduled therelease of a powerful book filled with a collection of stories and insights to help people world-wide. “Your Worlrd Within” is a book that will help its readers gain life-changing wisdom to exponentially increase their health, business and wellness in general.

Eddie believes to serve as many people as he can and therefore, produces such excellent content to fuel the genius inside his readers’ brains. In his words: “I think the word “impossible” gets a bad rap. Consistently playing the role of adversary, it carries many meanings. To some it’s a red light, relaying man’s definition of all that cannot be accomplished. To others, it’s vilified, deemed an untruth, and disregarded. I have always felt that its true meaning is much less hostile. In fact, I’d go as far as to say it’s a concept that invites progress, extending the hand that pulls us towards our greatest ambitions. The odds of me completing a sub-four-minute mile today are extremely unlikely. My body is not conditioned for such a task, leading one to conclude, for all intents and purposes, that this occurrence would be impossible. The great news, though, is that all significant accomplishments are sprung from the seeds of improbability. One “possible” is derived from the culmination of a trillion “impossibles,” gradually evolving and progressing inch by inch, day-by-day. I wake up every morning with the goal of creating something that the world has yet to see. I want to explore places currently undiscovered and leave a mark unlike any other before it. Some may see my goals from a distance and perceive them to be impossible. I would have to smile and agree. If they were possible, I wouldn’t be wasting my time.”

About The Company:

Your World Within is a platform that empowers you to look deeper within yourself and rise to the level of excellence that exists within you. Through it, The founder seeks to provide the tools that enable you to conquer the biggest obstacle you will ever face during your time here on earth; yourself. Once you have accomplished this, the sky is the limit. It is run by multitalented D1 athlete Eddie Pinero who is on the mission to inspire people and make this world a better place.

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