Video Tutorials Now Available For Photo Editing Software

Video Tutorials Now Available For Photo Editing Software

IN MEDIAKG TI, the company behind Fotoworks XL – one of the leading photo editing software systems available today – has produced a number of video tutorials to help newcomers master the techniques employed in modern photography today. The recently updated photo editing software suite has received a number of crucial upgrades in 2019. However, users are turning to it in ever-increasing numbers thanks to its comprehensive video tutorials that help beginners learn how to use its more advanced functions.

Fotoworks XL, which is designed as photo editing software for beginners of all types, is suited to professional photographers, desktop publishers, webmasters and graphical designers. This is because all of the advanced features that it offers can be operated by novices in very similar ways to the program’s basic functions. In other words, the designers at IN MEDIAKG TI have made it simple for newcomers to pick up the basics of photographic editing and then apply their skills to the more advanced functions, such as professional-level cutting and pasting, for example. The addition of instructional videos with each of these advanced features makes all the difference when it comes to amateur image-makers being able to up their game and produce more professional pictures.

Although it is perfectly possible to search for the instructional videos produced by the makers of this easy editing software for beginners using a search engine, Fotoworks XL takes all of the hassle out of the process. When users want to edit a photo with a new technique, all they have to do is to navigate to the ‘Help’ menu which is at the top of the screen on the program’s main page. Here, it is possible to access the program’s user manual or to check for the latest updates which have been released, among other features. By clicking on the ‘Show help’ option, a dialog box appears in which you have a number of further options, such as the ability to contact the program’s designers. The first of these is where users can immediately get to the photo editing software suite’s videos.

When you select this option, the photo editing software for beginners acts in tutorial mode. A tab will open in your default browser which takes you to the relevant video. Fotoworks XL may be an easy editing software for beginners to pick up, but that does not mean that some of the functions don’t require a little know how to perfect. For example, if you want to create a collage of your images for any reason, then you could look up how to do it separately. In Fotoworks XL, however, you just click on the relevant video option and the latest video relating to that function will appear on screen. What’s more, the support videos work in the same way every time so you soon get the hang of it.

Essentially, the videos present a screenshot of the photo editing software being used just as users get to view it. By following the mouse clicks, it becomes immediately apparent to beginners and intermediate level editors just how they can put together a collage, edit photos or even open a series of pictures from their image library in a single session. This last option is particularly useful if you want to edit an entire shoot in a single go so you are not carrying out the same edits each and every time – such as cropping and resizing, for instance. It all happens in one go and the video tutorials show you how.

Anyone who knows how to edit a photo in another editing suite will have the basic skills they already require to enhance their photography. For example, the updated version of this photo editing software offers users a very simple automatic enhancement feature which you could use on its own without any other function and be very happy with. That said, any serious photographer or digital artist will want to take a great deal of care over any of the edits they make. After all, to many people, it is the ability to adjust photography in very subtle ways that affords them the greatest level of creativity. Thanks to the in-built support offered in this photo editing software suite, this becomes child’s play whether you already have some experience or are a complete novice with digital photography.

To take advantage of Fotoworks XL, you will require a PC that is running Windows. Although the photo editing software for Windows 10 can work with older versions of Microsoft’s operating system, the latest version is desirable. Whether you need photo editing software for Windows 10 or a lower version, Fotoworks XL is the program which will deliver not just in terms of its extensive functionality but with its ability to guide new users as they progress with their editing skills.

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