The Girls in London Have A Chance To Get Free Prom Dresses From

The Girls in London Have A Chance To Get Free Prom Dresses From

“prom dresses uk” had been working on a program that the girls in London could pick a prom dress at no cost so that they had a chance to attend their high school’s prom.

The prom night is the most precious moment in the high school lifetime but it can be expensive. According to the statistics from UK Trade & Retail Association in 2018, the average cost of preparing for prom nationwide was around 1000 pounds, including the money spent on prom dress, jewelry, shoes, hair styling and make-up, in which prom dresses uk was the biggest expense. Hundreds of thousand girls could not attend the prom because the family can not afford a dress.

Suzhoudress had been paying much attention to the prom and knew this severe situation for the girls. They hope to make sure that the expensive costs will not be prohibitive to any girl and release a special section of affordable prom dresses uk, of which the price is about 100 pounds. What’s more, to make sure every girl has a same opportunity to attend the prom, Suzhoudress had started a new program: the girls in London could go to their office in London and pick a free prom dress for the night. In this prom season, Suzhoudress had help hundreds girls attend the prom night.

“The other day, a month came into our office and said that her daughter would not go to her prom if it was not this program.” said Annabelle, the manager in charge of this program. “Before the prom night, a lot of parents came and said they could not afford a dress with the cost and we did not want anyone to have to stay home because of the costs of prom dress. You know, we sold out hundreds of thousands of prom dresses very prom season. We have the ability to give hundreds of prom dresses to the girls and help them to join in the prom. There’s no reason why we can’t help someone have a really nice prom.”

Before this prom season, Annabelle announced this program about the Suzhoudress’s free prom dress initiative. She was hoping to reach girls all around London so that there are many girls could use the service. After the program was announced, there are hundreds of girls came and got a perfect dress for prom night.

Annabelle also said they would like to provide more dresses to the girls in next prom season, which is appreciated by the citizens of London. 

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