The “Lost Colony” Bar and Gaming Center Will Soon Enliven Roanoke, Virginia’s Night Life

Bars have long been gathering places for those seeking alcoholic refreshment, companionship or entertainment. In the past this entertainment took the form of live music or sporting events, but in the 21st century this crowd drawing fare includes video games. While much of the industry has resisted this new form of entertainment, the most progressive entrepreneurs have recognized that video gaming is an important cultural and social touchstone that will likely grow in popularity in the coming years.  Among this new wave of watering holes that cater to the “nerd” crowd is The Lost Colony, a bar in Roanoke, VA founded by Walter Little, Jesse Allen, and Nathaniel Rioux.

The Lost Colony was the brainchild of the three and other gaming enthusiasts in Roanoke who wanted to create an exciting and welcoming establishment for the local gaming community.  Once established, The Lost Colony will offer local brews and other alcoholic refreshments to patrons who can enjoy an array of gaming options.  This entertainment will include new and classic video games, board games, card games, as well as online and video entertainment.  In addition to individual and group gaming, The Lost Colony will also sponsor major gaming tournaments, Cosplay and any community supported events.

The Lost Colony promises to be the first bar and gaming center of its kind in Roanoke, one that appeals to diehard gamers as well as patrons with only a passing interest in video games.  Before The Lost Colony can open its doors, however, it will require substantial funds.  To secure the almost $20,000 needed to purchase an establishment and furnish it with the multitude of gaming options patrons desire, the management team has sponsored a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.  In addition to helping augment the night life of this energetic college town, backers can also receive valuable perks like bumper stickers, personalized videos, T-shirts, pint glasses, naming rights for drinks, memorialized plaques, private parties, arcade and food credits, or lifelong event perks.

To learn more about The Lost Colony, or to make a donation to this worthy project, please visit

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