Creative Biolabs Serves Antibody-Antigen Complex Analysis Worldwide

Creative Biolabs has been dedicated for years to providing the first level one-stop antibody-antigen complex analysis service for customers from all corners of the world with its advanced platforms and experienced scientists.

August 14, 2019 – New York, US – Accumulated for over decades, Creative Biolabs provides outstanding services on aspects of antibody design and engineering, especially for analyzing the antibody-antigen complexes that contribute to the production of high-affinity antibodies. Two of the star services are antibody-antigen complex modeling and paratope characterization.

Antibody-antigen Complex Modeling

The antibody-antigen complex modeling platform from Creative Biolabs ranks beyond any others with the advanced approaches so as to guarantee optimal antibody-antigen complex models. The GB/SA methods are adopted for comparing the antibody-antigen complex and other protein substances, which base upon the theory that the interfaces between antibody and antigen interact with the solvent (if not complex). Apart from that, in the antibody-antigen complex modeling services, knowledge of antibody-antigen interactions and the variability of CDR has been taken into consideration to ensure comprehensive and trustful results.

Key steps:

  1. Obtaining the antibody-antigen models with the search space limited by users
  2. Ranking and scoring the models for selection
  3. Integrating the best models through energy minimization

Paratope Characterization of Antibody

Antibody paratope characterization pertains a crucial step of generating a perfect antibody. Due to the fact that paratope serves as the bridge and sensor of antibody binding that recognizing antigen, thus, it undertakes significant role when identifying the antigen. The identification work gets climbing attention in the field of vaccine and bio-therapeutics development nowadays. Creative Biolabs offers comprehensive one-stop services to solve customers’ problems encountered in process.

Comprehensive Computational Methods:

MD simulations — Providing thorough and abundant data of fluctuations of proteins and the varied nucleic acids.

Rigid-body docking — Studying the interactome effectively.

Homology modeling — Constructing the intuitive 3-D structure of the protein after getting an atomic-resolution of the protein originally

To satisfy varied groups of customers’ requirement, and according to the composition of overlap peptides, some other methods are also adopted by Creative Biolabs, including Hydrogen-deuterium exchange and mass spectrometry, Hopfield network, as well as peptide-based approaches.

The antibody-antigen complex analysis services that also contain the antibody optimization process from Creative Biolabs have received popularity among global clients for years, which are characterized by comprehensiveness, cost-effectiveness, and high-standard. Supported by a group of experienced scientists and a full set of advanced technological platform, Creative Biolabs is confident with providing satisfactory results in a fast processing cyc.

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About Creative Biolabs

As a leading bio-tech company, Creative Biolabs bends efforts for antibody engineering in all fields, covering research, diagnosis, and therapy. Designing and engineering novel antibodies with desired therapeutic properties are now available based upon the comprehensive technology platforms, through customizing the service according to the specific requirements from the customers. Moreover, designing and engineering novel antibodies with desired therapeutic properties have become available with the help of comprehensive structure determination services.

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