What are the four best ways to combat climate change?

UK author & scientist, Chris Macdonald, has just launched a new powerful book on Indiegogo which reveals an innovative streamlined plan of attack to combat the climate and ecological crisis.

Chris states, “Over a decade has passed since I launched my first climate change project; my goal at the time was to raise awareness. Since then, great strides have been made. Yet, while I feel that more people are becoming aware of the severity of the problem, what we can do about it, as individuals, is far less understood. If you search online for possible climate action items you can find some rather hefty to­do lists (such as 101 things you can do to save the planet). When studying such lists, I noticed they tended to be highly inefficient, and they often missed out some of the most significant offenders. In some cases, addressing a single item not on the list would make a greater impact than if you completed the entire list of recommendations.”

“I felt that it should be made a lot easier and simpler for people, and that we could be far more impactful with a scientifically optimized strategy. I didn’t like the thought that well­meaning people might be carrying out many time­consuming tasks that — in all honesty — make near­zero difference. I also didn’t like the thought that the biggest pollutants are not only going ahead somewhat unchecked, they are rapidly expanding. And so, I decided to delve deep into the research and write an optimized book. A book that made it as easy as possible to tackle the climate and ecological crisis. Thus, ‘Operation Sustainable Human’ was born!”

The book only offers items that make a genuine, measurable difference. It doesn’t dwell on how things could have been managed better. Instead, it assesses the situation that we find ourselves in and reveals how best to proceed in line with the united science. There is hope! And more than hope, a deeply considered executable plan! (which is actually rather straight­forward).

The book is almost complete and we are looking for mass production ­ hence this campaign. Backers will receive various rewards, including the ebook (special backer’s edition), audiobook, signed paperback, executive producer credit, even the planting of 10,000 carbon capturing trees in your name!

This is a nonprofit project. Once the campaign has ended, and the book is released to the rest of the world, any profits will be spent on further tackling environmental challenges. For example, for every copy of the paperback sold, 10 trees will be planted.

To show your support for the campaign today, please visit: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/operation-sustainable-human#/

A rare chance to be part of a proactive, positive, and powerful solution. Let’s do this!

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