The Miracle of Healing after Years of Abuse by Charlotte Lauver – a Journey of Hope and Love overcoming Despair and Adversity

The Miracle of Healing after Years of Abuse by Charlotte Lauver - a Journey of Hope and Love overcoming Despair and Adversity

August 15, 2019 – Abuse and neglect damage people – Charlotte Lauver, however, chose to rise above the damage and in her memoir, “The Miracle of Healing after Years of Abuse,” she recounts how she beat all the odds stacked against her by the Grace of God being her guiding light. In the book, the narrative is about how the author found her way up, notwithstanding the abuse handed to her by those who are supposed to love and care for her. A thoroughly inspiring story, “The Miracle of Healing after Years of Abuse” is for anyone who feels stuck in a dire situation – it would give insights on how one can come out from it and emerge triumphant just like the author, Charlotte Lauver.

The genre of Charlotte Lauver’s memoir comprises of Domestic Violence – Trauma – Abuse – Healing – PTSD – Fear Inspirational – Emotional. When asked how the publishing of her memoir, “The Miracle of Healing after Years of Abuse” came about, she said, “Telling events of my life to others who encouraged me to write the whole story. My neighbor, a retired English professor, edited it, and it became a book. My husband Ron was also one of my encouragers, although he did not know the whole story until it was already in book form.”

The events in “The Miracle of Healing after Years of Abuse” happened way back when domestic violence wasn’t a thing. There was no law in place to persecute marital rape, and spousal physical assault – neither helplines were extant. Charlotte’s coping mechanism was telling, and the healing began, then, remedying the senseless traumas she endured, including losing her brother in the Vietnam War – he was just 19 and an aspiring and talented first drummer.

This book emphasizes on alcohol abuse and how it tears apart peoples and families. The topic of alcoholism in this book will keep readers hooked as the memoir narrates how the children trapped in such a toxic environment survive it. Charlotte adds, “The turning point comes when I suddenly realize all the lies I was programmed to believe designed to keep me connected to them. The truth became a reality and I was set free.”

“Much of my healing came from writing my memoirs,” says Charlotte Lauver. This book will decidedly help and mentor others who want a non-judgmental ear to listen to.

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About the author

The author was a child of alcoholic parents who created an environment that was detrimental to the nurturing and well-being of their children. Out of desperation, she married to escape only to find herself in an extremely abusive marriage. Finally, the pain and fear led her to escape again, finding healing through God’s amazing grace and a life of peace and joy.


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