Rachel Zhang,the Chinese Taylor Swift, showcases oriental girl power in “The Coming One 3”

The musical variety show “The coming one 3” is broadcasted on China’s leading online video media platform “Tencent Video”. A group of girls who love music and pursue dreams attract the attentions of domestic and foreign netizens. In the show, post-2000s generation, the original singer Rachel Zhang has won the praise of the Star Finder for her outstanding original strength and unique country singing style. Since participating in the competition, Rachel Zhang has received much attention. Her original song “Answer” rank first in the rankings of major pop music. The topic word “Rachel Zhang’s Answer” from the evening show was on the Weibo hot search list with heated discussion. The performance clip became a popular video after its appearance on YouToube. Rachel Zhang is also known as Taylor Swift of China for her singing style and musical attitude.

Rachel Zhang has a clear and sensitive touch on the content she wants to express. She insists on her own style and is also popular in the arrangement. This kind of music attitude that does not follow the trend and is not tacky, shows the youthful posture of the Chinese post-2000s generation girl and the power of the girl who dares to express herself. Rachel Zhang innovated through her own understanding of country music and R&B during her songwriting. She incorporates more rhythm into the melody and incorporates her own rich imagination into the song.

Rachel Zhang’s outstanding original strength has attracted the comments and praises from fans at home and abroad. Netizens wrote in Face Book, Twitter, Instagram, Weibo and other social Apps that: Rachel Zhang’s music has a strong sense of rhythm in her leisureliness. The cheerful and straightforward country music matches her country music with a bit of husky metal bass to sing “oriental flavor”. Many a netizens even said that Rachel Zhang’s rural style and unbecoming true temperament resembles the appearance of Taylor Swift during the “Speak Now” period.

Born in 2001, Rachel Zhang studied music from an early age. She confirmed her music dream earlier than her peers. Having received the offer from Berklee College of Music, she took participating in the show as an experience before she entered the college. As the competition is coming to an end, Rachel Zhang has successfully entered the Top9 of the program. Rachel Zhang’s confidence and calmness on the stage highlights the music concept of the post-2000s generation musicians who are not blindly obedient, do not please others and have a personal attitude. It has also enabled more people to envision the future of Chinese solo female singers. 

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