New Fired Up arena game surpasses its fundraising goal on Kickstarter

Fired Up is an exciting new board game that was recently launched on Kickstarter and has received a great response from the backers worldwide. The game has raised over £42,000 in funding and surpassed its funding goal of £40,000, even before its campaign ends on September 5. Thousands of backers from around the world have supported the campaign and pre-ordered it at an exciting early bird price. It’s a unique arena game where the players are the audience and not the fighters!

Fired Up features a unique perspective where the players become the audience and witness an amazing fight. They can use their influence dice to cheer or jeer the fighters, encourage them to run faster, fight better or even make them change their targets so they can see some amazing highlights and leave the stadium Fired Up.  They have to be careful though, because the other players may have different agendas so one has to adapt their energy to the right fighter at the right time.

The Fired Up box comes with 6 fighters, each having its unique personality and amazing character design, 6 fighter mats, 1 Big Arena board, 60 highlights, 1 betting board, 8 attack dice, 7 defence dice, 25 influence dice, 10 wooden bleed tokens, 10 yellow glass beads, 1 Purple glass bead, 10 Red glass beads, 5 blue glass beads, 5 wooden VP tokens, 5 cardboard speed tokens, 10 cardboard Fired Up round tokens, 30 Bidding cards, and a Rule Book. The number of components included in this game makes it obvious that it is nothing like regular board games. There is a lot of strategies, planning and other elements involved that keep the players on the edge of their seat and allow them to experience a fantasy world via this board game.

In the preparation phase, each player draws 4 highlight cards and chooses the 2 they will try to score this round. In the influence phase, each player will roll their influence dice and use them to influence the different fighters. After everyone has used all their dice, the fight begins and in the battle phase, the fighters attack each other. Players score points according to how many of their highlights were executed.

The game can be seen in action on its Kickstarter campaign page.

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